1991 Suzuki Sidekick JLX 1.6 litre 8v from North America


Absolutely outstanding


The clutch needed replacement after 140,000 km before I bought it, and again at 265,000 km

General Comments:

This car is one of the oldest active vehicles on the road.

Annually, I buy some body filler, and spray tar. With this combination my vehicle is often mistaken for a 1998, (it's a 1991).

The engine sounds like a new car's engine. Nothing rough, and the power is still remarkable.

This is clearly a well built vehicle, as my family owns several other vehicles all which have died and which were much younger and lower mileage then my still going strong Sidekick.

Take care of the panels, and maintain structural integrity and this car will outlast you.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2007

1991 Suzuki Sidekick from North America


Beware of the early 1990's!


Needed a new catalytic converter when I first tried getting it onto the road. It cost me about the same amount to get it on the road as what I had paid for it at the time ($1300)

Needed to replace the muffler and exhaust for emissions requirements.

The stitching on the soft top came apart in the back window and it cost more to fix than replace so I drove throughout the winter with snow in my car. I was lucky to find a used one for sale.

The engine throttle went out about 5 months after I bought the car and it also required a major tune up, costing me another $500.

No cup holders!!!

Fuel injection has now failed on the car and the throttle body requires a new computer, which is very expensive to purchase as they are very popular. The 1991 through 1993 models have been known to have this problem. Including labor and parts it should cost about another $1000 to get this fixed.

I have given up on this car. It is not worth putting any more money into it.

Back door latch does not work.

Handles awful in the wintertime, it is far too light.

The entire car shakes on the highway and it does not feel safe.

Do not make sharp quick turns.

General Comments:

Great on gas!

Moves about quickly, can get into those small parking spots.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2003

9th Aug 2006, 22:12

I know several people who would buy it off you in a second. I have been looking for one for a month now and now am getting 2! Both are 91's.

It's an excellent vehicle if you are a little mechanically inclined, as with any car that is 10 years old or more, there are going to be issues. But the catalytic and entire exhaust is about $450 in parts from Headers to tailpipe, there are literally thousands of aftermarket companies supplying parts for them and just about every junkyard has parts for them.

I found a hard top in great shape at a junkyard for $100.

It's all about knowing where to shop for parts and learning how to do it yourself, in the end you save thousands of dollars for a little bit of knowledge.

Even if you spend an extra $1000 on buying tools you don't have, you will save at least triple that if you do your own repairs properly.

I'm sorry to hear you were way over-charged for your exhaust.

For a 4x4, they are the most rugged and dependable and economical ones on the market. If you like cars, look at Honda Civics, you get excellence at an affordable price.

1991 Suzuki Sidekick 1.6 fuel injected from North America


A reliable, fuel efficient, offroad wonder


Fenders, inner fenders, and rocker panels rusted out.

High amp fuse box under hood rusted out because of inner fenders rusting.

Fuel pump wire rusted off.

General Comments:

These little rigs will go anywhere and rarely, leave you on the side of the road.

My best advice for owners of a sidekick or samurai is to look for another cheaper one for parts. You can usually find ones in the few hundred dollar range.

One thing to remember is that, Suzuki Sidekick, Vitara, Geo and Chev Tracker, Asunna and Pontiac Sunrunners are all basically the same. Most parts can be inter-changed throughout the years of 89 and 98.

Overall I think the Suzuki Sidekick is great all around vehicle, that's easy on gas, very reliable, and will go anywhere you want it to. If you look after it, it will look after you.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2003