15th Apr 2008, 22:13

I have a gmc tracker, and I love love love the car. The only problem I have had with it happened recently, and I am selling the car because of it. My suspension went on the highway and I don't feel like it is worth fixing, as I was rear ended about a year ago and the accident affected all the doors in the car. None of them close properly anymore, and the trunk has to be held closed with a bungee cord. If I could find another one, I would buy it in an instant. I never had any trouble starting it in the cold, or getting out of snow or mud, or anything for that matter. It is so excellent on gas, and has just enough power for city driving, and short highway rides. Not very good for long drives on the highway though. I think it is a great value for the money, especially since any repairs are easy to do (unless they are major, like transmission or suspension) therefore costing you very little at the mechanic for labour charges if you decide not to do them yourself.

16th Jun 2009, 21:52

I have a 91 Sidekick and its absolutely fantastic. I live in Samoa but this car came originally from the States as a Demo Rally car for Budwiser. Needless to say, it had some modifications done including new suspension system, removal of Cat Converter, changed the exhaust to a 2 inch exhaust, with a truck muffler (Sounds Great!) Just a few years ago, I removed the Fuel injection system and put in a Webber Carb.. more Horsepower, sounds great, and just as cheap on Gas.

I was thinking about selling it and buying another car but have decided to spend a little money on this car and get it all fixed up!

I tow my boat with this thing as well as Jet skis and all sorts of trailers. The car has got guts and I can take this just about anywhere I want. I usually take it up to the farm on the weekends for a bit of 4x4 driving with some mates, and I usually am the only one that makes it through.. I agree with the others here, you must have gotten the short stick.. in any case, they are great cars and fun to drive.

22nd Jun 2009, 11:46

91' Sidekick - I had one that I bought from my parents who used to tow it behind their Motor Home - Only 71000 miles so I figured many years left. Auto, Hardtop, Air, etc.

Problem after Problem when I took it over - 2 ECU @ $350 each - plus labor (I have a mechanic that is good and cheap - thank god!!) then tranny went out - AT 70000??? $950 - then engine block cracked, etc etc -...

Anyway, after 4 years I let it go, but someone still paid over $2500 for it? As most said, if you a mechanically inclined or have the time to fix it I am sure it's a great car, but not for everyone. -

10th Nov 2010, 05:43

My Suzuki Sidekick has one problem and one problem only. The check engine doesn't seem to turn on. It always comes on, but not on the first try. At first I thought the computer was gone but it wasn't. Must be a short. Been working on mine for a month and only spent 30 bucks. That was gas money.

Look hard enough and you'll get things for free. Don't give up on these cars.

2nd Aug 2011, 02:09

Suzuki's rust like crazy (strut towers, rocker panels, wheel wells and floor boards).

The engines are gutless, and the manual trans is notchy. My father's Suzuki couldn't even handle a muddy cottage driveway (CV joint fragged when the front wheel got some grip at end of driveway) let alone do any serious off roading. The part time 4 wheel drive means you're running in rear wheel drive most of the time.

The rear end is light, and the vehicle will go from under-steering into a corner to over-steering. You can't use 4 high on dry pavement or during light snow/rain.

The Sidekick couldn't match our 86 Jeep CJ7 off road or our 87 Chevy S10 Blazer on the road (the Blazer wasn't reliable and the Jeep wasn't passenger friendly).

My father thought the Sidekick would be a good compromise between the two, but it sucked so bad he sold it in less than a year, and bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee.