11th Jul 2001, 19:01

You get what you paid for. I bought a 94 over a year ago, and I absolutely love it. I was looking for cheap and convertible, and found exactly that. I have taken care of the motor and transmission, and it runs like a top. I'm looking into upgrades on calmini.com.

15th May 2003, 09:11

I have a 1995 suzuki side kick and I have found out about the rust that may occour under the back seat. I looked on mine and found holes right through the floor.I had to replace all the steel and cover it with tar. The medal on these trucks are very thin and it rust very fast. The carpet in the truck was very wet for some reason does any one know of water getting in these trucks because of the soft top. For the carpet was so wet in the front that I had to take it out to dry. Looking for a new carpet for it.

19th Jun 2003, 07:30

I bought my 1994 4x4 new in the summer of 1994. It has been a great car. Besides changing the oil, the only thing I've done is complete the 60k maintenance, 4 new tires, two batteries and replace the muffler. It's approaching 75k miles, and i'll have to replace the top this year. in short, I've had this car 9 years and spent less than $2000 in upkeep over that time period. yeah, it's a cheap little box, but highly reliable. (and did fine in the 2 feet of snow we got here in DC this January!)

20th Apr 2005, 11:55

I like my Suzuki. I've always wanted either a convertable or a four-wheel drive vehicle. I have both now in the same vehicle. I love that it is small, and gets pretty good gas mileage. Did I mention that it is a drop top?

16th Nov 2005, 15:16

I bought a 95 sidekick xj brand new in 1994. I have 171,000 miles on her and have only had to do the basic replacements. (hose's belts, tires, exhaust) recently I found the radiator has a plastic top that has got a crack in it. But all in all it has been the most reliable car/4x4 I have ever owned.

14th Jan 2008, 20:06

I have 1994 2-door 1,6L. It was GIVEN to me. So far I've done basic maintenance, tires, battery, timing belt, changed the coolant and tranny fluid. This thing is dependable as a stone axe!!

Getting ready to do exhaust and cold air intake from cal mini to help it out, It is pretty "gutless". I think I hate it so much that I like it.

So far for 112000 miles (knock on wood) I can't complain!!