1988 Suzuki Sierra JX 1.3L carb from Australia and New Zealand


As rough as guts in the bush, but draws looks in town


I rebuilt the engine after someone cracked the alloy block by filling the radiator with cold water when the engine was hot. It wasn't me.

Replaced rear shockies at 200,000.

Front disc pads at 200,000.

General Comments:

The alloy bull bars look great and are good in the scrub for knocking saplings out of the way.

Will not drive it in cross winds as it gets blown all over the road.

People stop us in the street and want to buy it.

Resale value is higher than when I bought it 11 years ago, but I would not sell it.

Only on its second set of tyres from new, and still oodles of miles left on them.

Better than a big one in the bush, and can get through small spaces.

Went airborne coming up out of a washaway to the amazement of a Patrol owner and his mate in a Land Cruiser. Then I stopped and put it in 4 wheel drive. They were incredulous.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2014

10th Feb 2015, 21:43

I have just bought Suzuki Sierra 1988 model, bought it for an every day car. It drives very rough over 69 kilometres an hour, any suggestions or comments on how to improve performance?

20th Mar 2017, 05:49

Tyre pressure makes a big difference to ride.

Maintain front wheel bearing tightness for steering.

A Weber 32/36 mm carb does wonders for performance and economy.