26th Aug 2008, 07:35

I think this comfortably hits the young female category very cleverly. It has huge appeal to this market and there really isn't a lot else out there that is as unique. Most girls are not going to care about boot space or a pillars, they just want something cute, cheap and fashionable that dad and mum think will be reliable.

I hate to say it but Suzuki are getting much better at targeting their vehicles these days. The swift was pure genius and the Splash looks like it will be another success.

4th Oct 2008, 14:56

As a former Wagon R owner, I have looked at Splash and so have my friends. One replaced his Wagon R with a Splash GLS+ and likes it very much saying it drives far better and has more modern equipment. Two other friends went to buy the new model and found it too small with poor vision and one particularly didn't like the tachometer in a "pod" on the dash top. Both bought other cars.

The cars are very different and suit different people. Splash is more up to date, but smaller, less easy to access and with a smaller boot than the Wagon R also the small bootlid does not lift high enough or provide rain shelter. If you are over 5'7 you will bang your head.

24th Feb 2010, 03:35

Re: stalling, I had the 1248cc diesel you have in your Splash in both a 2007 Swift DDiS and a 2007 Multijet Panda.

The Swift crunched into reverse and stalled frequently. I got the Swift to 10,000 miles and then thrashed the living bejesus out of it (warm engine), hanging off the rev limiter between changes. After five or six violent 30 mile drive like this, the engine and gearbox loosened hugely and the stalling reduced. These engines don't like being chugged about slowly all the time either.

I hated the Swift (see 2006 "Stylish...") and got rid of it, the Panda was superb but too small (2007 "Astonishingly...") The Panda was magnificent and did 70-80mpg on a run. Far too expensive if buying now though-the scrappage has put prices up by 40%.

Just ordered another excellent Perodua Myvi for £6380 OTR including metallic and air-con-great value now and cheaper than a base C1 and much bigger than the Splash, with Daihatsu Japanese tech and quality.

Tried the Splash, but tiny after Wagon R and the Swift episode put me right off. That clock would infuriate my-the Vauxhall versions get an auto-updating RDS clock.

25th Aug 2013, 20:12

Purchased a new Splash in January, found it to be great around town, but the boot is rather small for a weekly shop. After a few weeks, had problems getting the vehicle in reverse. Usual excuses, woman driver, you must have been trying to get reverse gear while in forward motion, you must stop first. Ha ha, not impressed with that comment from the dealer. Next it was said I should not try to get reverse gear when the engine was cold.

Eventually they took me seriously and found that they needed to strip the gear box down and replace the bearings. A few weeks later, and I still have problems with reverse gear. I feel that this is going to be an ongoing problem with the car. Wish I had not purchased it now.

26th Aug 2013, 06:22

Let's hope they fix it. Many of our Suzukis have had issues with engaging reverse gear, particularly the Swift DDIS and one of our Wagon Rs. If the dealer had made that comment to my Mother, there would have been blood at the dealers!

We still run the Perodua Myvi, and it is excellent - a truly faultless car.

If you doubt the Splash will be OK long term, why not trade for a Myvi or Dacia Sandero Stepway?