Swift GTi 1.3 twin cam 16v

I'll keep this car until the end

79 words, Malaysia

Swift GTi 1.3 16v MPI

115 BHP, 750 Kilos - need I say more?

85 words, Croatia, 1 comment

Swift GL 1.3 SOHC

Dependable and very economical

83 words, North America

Swift GLX 1.3 petrol

A very good buy

55 words, UK and Ireland

Swift GLX 1.3L gasoline

Extremely reliable and a good buy

75 words, North America

Swift GTi 1.3 16v twin cam

The most fun I have had with my clothes on!!!

122 words, North America, 1 comment

Swift GTi 1.3 16v dohc

One of the all-time great pocket rockets

86 words, North America

Swift GTi 1.3 petrol

76 words, UK and Ireland