1991 Suzuki Swift GTi 1.3 Twin-Cam 16v from UK and Ireland


Mad mad mad!!!


Radiator went (£240 from Suzuki!)

Head went (So bought recon engine (£250)

Heater hose melted?! (DIY job)

Manifold blowing (Janspeed want £180)

Exhaust going (Janspeed want £180)

No speedo (Cable gone?)

No indicators (No clue, it's not a fuse)

No reverse lights (As above)

No heater lights on the dashboard (As above)

General Comments:

Very Very fast!

Even with the manifold blowing (it has a huge hole in it) it left my best mates Saxo VTR for dead!

Really focused and loves being revved. It redlines at 8000rpm!

Good driving position, very sporty.

It has been a very unreliable car, but I think the previous owner had really abused it so the engine was wrecked.

It has a full Janspeed exhaust and sounds great, it pops, screams, gargles, roars and even spits flames now and again!

It is super-chipped so it is dead up until 3500rpm when it gets going and by 4500rpm your're gone!

Second gear wheelspins in the dry are not uncommon!

It feels very edgy round corners and on bumpy roads because the car is so light. Even the smallest of steering or throttle inputs have a big effect on the way it handles.

It is very solid, doesn't roll on the corners and the brakes are very good, discs all round.

I have put in a new recon engine now and it is even better! Faster, more responsive!

Me and my friend went for a quick blast in our cars one night and we ended up on the motorway.

His VTR tops out at 116mph and he said he was doing that and mine was still pulling away!

Don't know how fast it is because the speedo doesn't work, but not much can catch it on the the motorway.

Very nice car and I would recommend one any day, cheap tax, insurance, running costs, will beat most things on the road!

But be warned, it is a no-frills raw machine, it doesn't mess around!

(Neither do Suzuki when it needs fixing! Bear in mind it is a rare car and that means parts have to be ordered specially i.e. very very expensive to fix! (See faults above)

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2005

1991 Suzuki Swift GL 1.0 from Singapore


A solid car with lots of potential modifications to improve the car performance and comfortability


The electric mirror unable work.

The radio also faulty.

The driver door cannot be opened from inside.

Leakage of petrol into the cabin.

Engine overheat.

General Comments:

Dealer managed to resolve with a new electric mirror circuit board.

Changed new CD Tuner.

Mechanic adjusted the door system.

Mechanic change the petrol in/out pipes at cabruettor.

Changed radiator fan, radiator.

Like the maroon colour of car, its reliability, but air con still need to be improve. Leather seats are a plus. Added sub-woofer and car solar film.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2005

1991 Suzuki Swift GL 1.0L petrol from Singapore


Fuel saving budget transport


A oil leak from the engine was found. A simple repair which consist of changing an oil gasket was done.

The door hinges of the door at the driver's side came loose. They were replaced for less than SG$80.

The door seals has begun to come off or lose their elasticity, but they were glued back and treated with a silicone spray to remedy this.

General Comments:

It has very good fuel economy, decent horsepower and average suspensions.

Handles fairly well on bends, but would do better with lowered suspensions.

Its boot space is generous for a 1.0L car.

Its manual gear shift is smooth too.

The car would do better with stiffer suspensions at the rear as it has difficulty clearing road humps with 3 male adults in the rear seats.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003

1991 Suzuki Swift GL 1.3 from Slovenia


Good performance, cheap maintenance


The engine is just fine. Nothing went wrong in 10 years. I needed to check on the brakes. The only problem is rust.

So engine works perfectly, but the car body is being attacked by rust.

General Comments:

Real small gas consumption.

Cheap overall maintenance.

No luxury of course.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2002