1991 Suzuki Swift GLX 4wd Saloon 1.6 16v carb from UK and Ireland


A great piece of kit


The clutch went at 90,000 miles & the drive shafts needed replacing also.

I've also replaced the exhaust system & discs.

General Comments:

This car is so much fun to drive, it's been lowered & a set of 15" alloys fitted.

The original seats were replaced with Cobra Clubmans & harnesses, but they are still in great condition.

The only down side is the dull & tacky dash.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2001

5th Oct 2005, 13:10

I also have one of these cars. its being fixed up for mot at the mo, but when its sorted I reckon it will be great. i have heard from previous owners that it quite quick for what it is. I think for 65 quid I haven't gone too wrong!!!

1991 Suzuki Swift GTi 1.3 from UK and Ireland


A joy to drive hard


No major faults, just normal wear & tear. Some major parts are expensive though e.g. exhaust back box & middle section was £115, new front shocks (stock items) were £90 each.

General Comments:

A very pleasing car with very good performance and an engine that yearns to be revved.

Insurance & petrol costs are low considering the performance.

Reliability has also been good - I've driven to Germany in it from the UK and back and it has been faultless. I even got the speedo to read 135mph on the Autobahn!

God only knows why Suzuki discontinued it.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2000

20th Jan 2001, 17:40

135mph? A possible exaggeration?

27th Jan 2001, 04:53

Don't put it past the little Swift, I got my Swift to read 129mph with no modifications whatsoever.

19th Apr 2001, 01:16

I have had my Mark 1 Suzuki Swift GTi upto 210km on the speedo. It is the older shape model. It was totally stock standard as well, still is, but I am selling it.

2nd Aug 2001, 12:41

No 135mph wasn't an exaggeration! OK, the reading isn't going to be exact, but that was what the speedo stated!

7th Jan 2002, 16:29

Yep, I've had 136mph out of my swift just with a performance exhaust fitted.

28th Jan 2002, 12:29

Anything must seem brilliant performance compared to a 2CV. Don't fancy the Swifts against my Clio 16v, I've tanned plenty.

9th Jul 2002, 09:20

I heard the parts for the gti are expensive is this true?

18th Jan 2004, 05:02

Sumone help me my sift gti is pulling to 150-160 in 3rd I put it in 4th and I won't go the revs stop at 5000 and 160km??? I have a blown cat could this be the problem?

1991 Suzuki Swift GLX 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Only things that the dealer should have picked up during the regular 6000 mile service intervals! e.g. Brakes, choke, exhaust pipe.

General Comments:

Good cars, but poor servicing at some dealers.

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Review Date: 29th June, 1998