1994 Suzuki Swift 3 door 1.3 from North America


Practical car with excellent endurance


Alternator replaced 120,000-caused main fuse to open as well.

Several distributor caps have been replaced due to aluminum contact burnout. These might last 40,000 or so. The engine runs much better after an old one is replaced.

No major mechanical problems, other than usual wear items. Some body damage from an ice storm and mishaps, but not manufacturer related.

General Comments:

This is an excellent car as far as reliability, fuel economy, and ability to absorb punishment.

The oil is changed every 3,000-4,000 miles without fail.

It is fun to drive although it's a little tiring on long trips. It is somewhat noisy inside esp at 65mph.

On the plus side it handles very well, is easy to put in tight spots, and great in urban settings.

I have found that despite the fact it's a little low on creature comforts, it's a car of great economy and fun to drive.

This car's history:

Used for trips between cities average 100 miles/day for 2 years.

Ice storm froze entire body, forced off window trim and bent transport levers trying to roll down.

Hood was not latched after a jump start and hood flew open at 55mph, breaking off 1 hinge and damaging hood and wipers.

Car stolen in 2001. Thieves lived in it for 3 days, drove about 300mi and used as a getaway car in at least 1 shoplifting scheme by same. Taken off road (weeds still dragging when recovered) and right wheel bent and tire damaged. Recovered 3 days later with a lot of mud, but none the worse for wear.

Windshield cracked during another ice event by ice scraper.

The paint has held up very well and other than a few dents in the hood, all damage has been fixed. It looks and runs good!

Well pleased with this car!

It is simple, low cost per mile, and hard to destroy.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2004

30th Aug 2004, 02:36

I have never bought a car like this kind, now that I bought one I don't see why I didn't get one sooner. I have a 1994 swift, I have had no problem what so ever out of it. I have owned it for almost a year an a half. I had to replace a couple of parts in the engine, but that was from the age of the parts, nothing to do with the makers. I wish that the one I have had power steering, but what can you do. I would buy another car like this if I could, I really do like these cute little thing. Plus they are really good on gas as gas prices keep going up.

14th May 2006, 03:03

I have a swift 1991, and I'm very satisfied with it. Low gas consumption etc... I changed front right wheel bearing after 120.000 km. and... nothing else. My wife likes it too 'cause it is very handy to drive and park.

1994 Suzuki Swift LX 1.3 inj from UK and Ireland


Great fun


Had to replace the clutch, wheel cilynders and exahust over the three years I have had the car which I was happy to do. parts expensive as mine was an imported car, but worth it.

General Comments:

Very reliable fast little car and looks the part with alloys and full body kit.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2003

1994 Suzuki Swift GTi 1.3 DOHC EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Australia's quickest road registered front wheel drive is one of these!


An annoying tapping in the top half of the engine developed at about 40,000km.

The flimsy body developed so many rattles I found it distracting when driving.

General Comments:

The little thing would be the perfect car if Suzuki had worked a little harder on the build quality.

The handling easily outstrips any other front wheel drive I have driven and the acceleration is more than adequate at around 7secs to 100km/h (62mph). Top Speed (as tested by me) is around 195km/h, due to gearing, not lack of poke.

The interior is well laid out and the seats are very supportive without giving backaches, with all the good gear such as electric windows and air-conditioning given as standard.

The real gem of the package though is that little 1.3 litre 80kw engine, which doesn't mind screaming up past the 7500rpm redline for some serious fun. Mated to this is a tight 5 speed which could give Honda engineers some sleepless nights.

In all I suppose this drive-train and racy handling should be expected from a company which normally specializes in making the fastest motorcycles on the planet.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

13th Jan 2007, 05:06

I currently own a 1994 MK3 SWIFT GTi. I bought the car 18 months go for $4350, with only an aftermarket exhaust system and K&N air filter. Since owning the car I have spent almost $12,000 modifying the Body, Engine, Drive-train and Interior.

The Swift GTi was fast when I first bought it, but now, its almost scary how quick it accelerates and how hard it can push you into the seat.

Only recently, I have noticed strange tapping sounds coming from the bottom end of the motor, aswell as creaking sounds from all over the car when driving. But, the Swift has never broken down or objected to being driven hard.

All in all, I have found that the 1994 MK3 SWIFT GTi is very reliable, reasonably cheap and easy to modify and very fun to drive.

1994 Suzuki Swift GLXi 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Cheap/Reliable runaround


Nothing what so ever!

General Comments:

This can can be summed up as "Cheap and cheerful" - not very inspiring, but it serves its purpose well.

Rear suspension can be heard creaking when the car is full (4/5 people).

Dash board also a bit "plasticky" and not bolted on tightly enough.

Buy this car if you think with your wallet.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2002

1994 Suzuki Swift GL 1.0 from Singapore


A pocket full of Hercules



General Comments:

A superb car indeed.

Yields enough punch though its engine only a 1.0L engine. Petrol consumption is at its best as a full load in the petrol tank can last for almost 500km worth of travelling. Engine is very smooth & quiet as compared to my previous Daihatsu Charade which roared like an diesel engine.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2001

1994 Suzuki Swift GL 1.0 from Singapore


Good sedan with a small engine


Nothing has gone wrong, in fact it has never disappointed me at all.

General Comments:

Good sedan yet economical 1.0 litre engine.

Very light body and engine, would float after high speed but being light is advantageous in the sense that it picks up very fast compared to bigger cc cars.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2000

1994 Suzuki Swift GLX 1.3 from Ukraine


My mileage is 50,000 (from 150,000). Water pump died only.

General Comments:

Who knows Russian roads or Russian winter? No?

You don't know what is offroad as well!

So, my Swift is a good thing! Most reliable car as I know.

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Review Date: 29th December, 1999

1994 Suzuki Swift GT 1.3 DOHC from North America



General Comments:

My car has 65,000 miles on it, and I have loved every mile. This car just makes you feel good when you drive. It could use more low end power, but makes great use of the power it has. I have put many 6-cyl. car to shame. The Swift GT is a great little car, and a steal for a sports car.

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Review Date: 29th July, 1999