2000 Suzuki Swift 1.0 3 cylinder from Spain


Makes a good shed with its hatchback and fold-down seats


Drains batteries alarmingly.

Brake pedal very soft.

Exhaust has fallen off.

Bonnet release cable broke.

Engine leaking oil.

Gearbox rattles (lay shaft).

General Comments:

Well I use it as a shed now - everyone should do this - why buy a shed when you can have a shed which has wheels on that you can move around when you need it to. It's a horror of a car, and I would pity anyone who thinks driving enjoyment could be gauged by using one of these - someone actually gave it to me when they moved to Tenerife and I can never say no to something free. I've used this car to move a sofa to the bins (on the roof) and I now store my Christmas tree and decorations, as well as various plant pots and a lawnmower in the back. As long as it remains dry and waterproof at the end of my driveway, I will keep it.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2016

22nd Mar 2016, 23:31

Apparently the zoning laws in your village are liberal to non-existent?

And a junk car must be super reliable, as all it has to do is sit there, hence the 9/10 rating?

2000 Suzuki Swift 1.3L 4 cylinder from North America


Just beat it!


The check engine light came on repeatedly for cylinder 3 misfire.

Brakes and rotors wear out quickly, braking is poor.

Exhaust always rots away, exhaust parts are expensive.

Blows blue smoke cloud on startup.

Frame is rotting away at driver's side, front wheel area.

Gas filler tube rotted away - too expensive to buy a new one, made my own out of PVC.

Parts are way too expensive on this car.

General Comments:

This car is good on gas, has a roomy hatch but rides hard.

The frame doesn't hold up to winter weather and rots away. The exhaust also rots away with road salt.

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Review Date: 28th February, 2011

28th Feb 2011, 12:35

I would keep an eye on that PVC filler tube. I don't think PVC is gasoline resistant. HDPE would be a better material for that purpose.

28th Feb 2011, 20:15

I completely agree with the previous comment. PVC is not gasoline resistant at all. Gasoline will eat through PVC!

And for the blue smoke, you're burning oil on the exhaust at some point and time. Oil is bypassing some internal seal, most likely a position ring seal. I would check the oil at all times before starting the engine, and make sure it has enough oil to lubricate the engine.

10th Mar 2011, 23:41

Fully agree with the original poster. The frame rot-out is a well documented issue with these cars. I had one of these. It served me very well until the frame let go. The underbody was so rusty it was not worth repairing. Parted it out, then scrapped the rest. Otherwise, these cars are great, especially the 4 cylinder with a 5-speed.

2000 Suzuki Swift GL 1.3 Gasoline from North America


A synchro & bearing went out on transmission at 35k miles, causing tranny to slip out of 5th gear unless the shifter was lightly held in place. Use a piece of surgical tubing tied to the cup holder to slip over and hold the shifter in 5th until was able to get it repaired. Cost $550 to repair.

Wiring harness shorted at 28k miles where the harness goes thru the firewall. Common failure point according to dealer. Lost headlights when in low beam position, but was able to use a combination of parking light position (to get tail lights on) and the headlights would stay on - and the high beam position worked as normal. Cost $600 to repair.

Carpet very light duty, wore hole from heel near pedals in a couple years. Recommend buying aftermarket floor mats (I did, but too late to save the front driver's side carpeting).

General Comments:

The car has been an overall excellent value. Reliable and a joy at the gas pump. This car is the only vehicle I've ever owned that delivers equal or better than the rated hwy/city mileage (with the air conditioning off).

With the air on, with combination city/hwy driving - 32 mpg, with the air off, combination city/hwy - 36 mpg. Running at 60 mph on interstate highway it flirts with 40 mpg. It's hard to be that disciplined - I tend to swing up towards 70 mph on a longer drive and get 36-38 mpg at that speed, depending on terrain.

Not a real comfortable ride but livable, wouldn't recommend the backseat to anyone over 5'6", with the back seat folded down it can haul an amazing amount of cargo - as much as most full size cars.

I've read that this isn't a good car for distances and people mentioned the 10.3 gal gas tank as a limitation. Assuming you aren't driving in the mountains and not exceeding the speed limit, you can cruise for up to 350 miles before having to stop for gas. I stop at 275-300 miles as a rule, leaving the last couple gallons as a safety margin.

It isn't great on comfort but even at today's gas prices (US $4.25) you can make a 1,000 mile round trip for under $120 in gas.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2008