2008 Suzuki Swift GL 1.3 from UK and Ireland


Reliable, fun to drive super mini



General Comments:

Owned this car for a year. Starts first time every time. Has fantastic handling, which some say is better than the Mini.

I'm very light footed with the throttle, but with a daily commute at 70 mph on dual carriageways, I get just under 48 MPG. The engine likes to be revved, but keeping the revs down improves the economy no end.

Seats are comfortable and supportive. Driving position is good. Plenty of room for front seat passengers, but the rear leg room isn't as good. Boot space isn't the best in segment by any means, but it does have a false floor and deep recess if required.

Having driven the newer shape Swift, I prefer this model as it has heavier power steering and a less plasticky trim. The downside to the older model is the more expensive road tax at £130 a year.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2015

2008 Suzuki Swift GLX VVTS 1.5 from UK and Ireland


Bloody Brillant!


Nothing yet!

General Comments:

I love this car!.. It is the best car I have ever owned..

After losing faith in French cars (Peugeot, terrible experience with a 1999 206).. the car garage exchanged the Peugeot for a 2001 Suzuki Ignis free of charge, as my Peugeot had gone back to the dealer 6 times in 5 weeks after countless faults.

After driving my reliable trouble free Ignis for 2 years, and getting it up to 100,000 miles.. I graduated, started a new job, and was in need of a newer car..

My family have a history of Suzuki.. Aunt and Uncle have got through 4 Suzuki's in the past 10 years ranging from Vitara, 2 x Ignis's and SX4, which have been trouble free.. Reliable and cheap to run.

I went to the same Suzuki dealership that my aunt goes too, and fell in love with a second hand Suzuki Swift Auto. For a car which was only 2 years old, with only 5000 miles on the clock and AUTOMATIC! I've saved myself nearly £6000 off the original price when it was brand new... Dealership were very helpful, and paid for the road tax.

I love everything about this car... I have to say it does look similar in build to the Mini.. but less chavvy, minus the mutton dressed as lamb drivers, and half the price!

I have never been that bothered about equipment on a car, as long as it gets you to A-B right??

BUT! I'm really impressed by the amount of equipment on this car. Suzuki are certainly generous..

I have the GLX Auto, which comes with power steering, electric front windows, electric heated mirrors, A/C, keyless entry/start, onboard computer, 8 x airbags, CD/MP3 radio unit, alloy wheels, front fog lights, chrome exhaust and coloured coded mirrors, handles and bumpers.

The only thing I found confusing was the keyless entry and start.. You can leave the fob in your pocket, walk up to the car, push the button on the door handle, get in and start the car!! Superb if you have lots of shopping and you can't get to your keys!! I have got used to it now!

I have had the car just over 7 months now, I'm on 9,000 miles and so far still good. It seats 5 comfortably; I have never had any complaints from my passengers.

The car is very smooth. It has a proper 4 speed Auto gearbox, not the horrid jerky semi-autos that have appeared in the Vauxhall and Citroen ranges.

It's very responsive, will drop a gear with a little push on the accelerator, and will drive in top gear at low revs.. 40mph on 1500rpm.

For an automatic, it does well on petrol too... For a 1.5, I did think it would guzzle on fuel, but it has been very reasonable...

Steering is very responsive and nice and light when parking. It feels like a safe car to drive, very firm and solid on the road.

I hear a few people have complained about the rattle in the dashboard, and possible rear tyre wear issues???

As mine is in the 2008 bracket.. I heard that the 2007+ models were refined and re-manufactured from these little problems.. I haven't experienced any of those issues..

So I give this car a 10/10.. if you want a super reliable little Japanese stylish car that turns heads.. Get one!! :)

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Review Date: 4th February, 2011

5th Feb 2011, 16:18

Wish we had this car in Canada. We've been getting a rebadged Daewoo Kalos for the past seven years. Suzuki calls it the Swift+. It's otherwise known as the Chevrolet Aveo, which has made many top ten worst car lists. No wonder Suzuki is failing in North America.

15th Feb 2011, 19:07

Why did you give 4/10 in running cost rating when you're very satisfied with the fuel consumption?

21st Mar 2011, 19:12

I didn't mean to put it as 4/10 my mistake... I actually mean a 8/10! :D

Happy motoring!