3rd Dec 2005, 05:47

After nearly 7000 K's of driving in this car a couple of things are bothering me.

1. The cornering is excellent, but only because you never have enough power (especially in 2nd) to slingshot out of a corner.

The 1.6 VVT-i engine needs 4000+ rpm to deliver anything useful. Can someone please supercharge this car!

2. When the back seats are folded there's nowhere to neatly stow the parcel tray.

The new car joy has worn-off. My last car which was a 1988 Peugeot 205 CTi was 12 years old by the time I got it, but it was a pure joy to drive every time.

Mind you the Peugeot was a $40,000 car in 1988! The Suzuki Swift is $21,000 in 2005. I guess I shouldn't expect too much.

21st Feb 2006, 06:36

My Suzuki Swift 1.3GL, had poor silver metallic paintwork on the bonnet and rear door jams. The bonnet as now been replaced, the bumper was also replaced due to a crease in the plastic on delivery. The clutch grabs in slow traffic, the front brake pads bang when in use and watch out for the front disks if they are scoring badly then contact your dealer, I've had two sets of disks and pads up to now, only 9650 miles and it's still eating away at the disks, it could be a recall issue if enough owners make complaints. this is a MOT fail and a safety issue and will cost you a lot of money when warranty ends. My car is now waiting for a new set of disks and pads plus two new rear shocks.

But generally a nice looking car, but poor UK Customer Service backed up by complacent UK dealers and poor quality PDI checks. (Suzuki are now aware of the brake problem and have photographs so don't risk your safety).

25th Jan 2007, 19:12

2005 Suzuki Swift 1.5L

I have driven it for over 25,0000kms and have not encountered a single problem yet. Great to drive with good handling. Not sure about the brake pads since there has been no mentioning during its regular service. Only problem is the power, should have more, but its good for city driving though! I find that a full tank of about 40 litres can get me a little over 500kms so its very fuel efficient, city and suburban driving. Overall it is a great car with everything you want in terms of its little luxuries like 3 cup holders, electric windows, sound controls on steering wheel and huge side mirrors! =)

27th Jan 2007, 16:50

Mentioning the mirrors, my swift has had 2 new complete drivers mirrors! The glass comes comes unbonded and vibrates at motorway speeds! My dealer is unable to to find a permanent fix and will have to contact Suzuki with pictures, I hope nothing major goes wrong!

3rd Mar 2008, 17:35

Purchased in April 2005, 75000km on the clock, and still going strong. Nothing has broken on it. But I have had to replace a windscreen (from a stone hit), and get the front wheels aligned twice. It's bit harsh on the outer edges of front tyres, but I'm a fairly aggressive driver. Still on original brake pads, which is a pleasant surprise. The front bumper is prone to scraping on gutters.

The handling is sure-footed, performance good above 3600 rpm (it's a manual), and generally heaps of fun. I'd recommend the Suzuki Swift to anyone, any day.

14th Feb 2009, 06:59

1.5 5 door Swift 2008 October. Very pleased except interior condensation on all windows. Was told keep the air con on, but that's not what air con was conceived for. Any ideas please?

22nd Jan 2011, 19:20

Generally this is a good car built to a price. The carpets are rubbish flock on cardboard; a pity as a decent carpet would be a good optional extra.

It's not very responsive unless driven aggressively; needs more mid-range power.

The factory fitted tyres lasted only 10k klms, but the NZ fitted one have done 30k klms and are like new; obviously the originals are too soft.

The clutch (manual) is too harsh, and it's difficult not to stall at low speeds.

Starting and stopping engine immediately can cause flooding of fuel, and it won't restart.

Had to replace both front shocks for leakage Dealer tried to say this was normal leakage (rubbish, it's a fault).

Paint is thin and undercoat white shame as the car is black.

Rear rattles when the parcel shelf is not in place.

Its worth the money, but only just consider a Kia?