2005 Suzuki Swift GLX 1.5 VVT from Jamaica


A more grown up version of an economical and reliable car


The car is brand new, and nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

My previous Suzuki Swift gave seven years of trouble-free service. However, it was beginning to show its age, particularly with the lack of creature comforts and safety features. I was delighted when I saw that Suzuki were launching an all-new Swift, and even more delighted with the new car that I have received.

The previous version was reliable and economical, and I trust that this one will be too.

The styling is much better, and the build quality feels more solid. I have already received many positive comments about the car's appearance.

The cabin is spacious, the seats and driving position are comfortable, and the controls are clear and well located.

I chose the 1500VVT engine, which (although I'm still "running it in") feels very lively. Part of the reason for this choice was that it came with 15" wheels (rather than the 13" offered with the 1300cc engine), and these larger wheels help to soak up any road imperfections.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2005

2005 Suzuki Swift Ltd 1.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Well done Suzuki! A fantastic first car


Nothing has gone wrong yet as it's brand new. I'll keep you posted.

General Comments:

A well put together package for NZ $20,000!

Stylish body for such a small car.

It has a peppy engine which can deliver 5 litres/100 k's. Cabin noise is low even at 130 kph.

Handling is tight and responsive.

The cabin is well appointed and thoughtfully designed.

Pity the in-dash Clarion C.D player can't play mp3's though.

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Review Date: 2nd September, 2005

19th Sep 2005, 03:08

Are you sure it's 5 liters to a 100 kilometers or a 1 liter is to 20 km?

4th Nov 2005, 22:50

What's the difference?

19th Nov 2005, 05:43

Wow...1 liter for 20 km??? really???

Did you drive in city or highway?

3rd Dec 2005, 05:29

5 litres per 100 Kilometres on the highway or 7 Litres Per 100 Kilometers around town.

2005 Suzuki Swift 1.5 VVT Automatic from Malaysia


Roof sounds like under Zinc shed when it rains heavily.

All 4 absorbers squeaking after 1000km. Very noise and very very annoying.

Swirls scratches on bonnet from day of delivery.

General Comments:

Handles perfect on the road.

Very good driving and seating position.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2005

2005 Suzuki Swift 1.5 vvt from Malaysia


Very recommended



General Comments:

A very nimble car. Small on the outside, but spacious inside. Very comfortable seats. Very good gas consumption per km. However, engine needs more oomph-need to push the engine to get the torque output.

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Review Date: 15th July, 2005