22nd May 2006, 11:56

Changed from a Mini One to a swift 1.5 GLX (first UK 3 door GLX) and have no regrets - the car looks smart and individual plus it's really nippy too. There was a thumping sound when going over speed bumps, but I took the car to a dealer and they sorted it and now no thumping noise - funny enough the courtesy swift that the dealer loaned me also made the same sound - so perhaps a problem Suzuki have not picked up on at the assembly stage. Only negative - can't hear the indicator warning so easy to leave indicators on. Overall a really well executed design that is different from the rest.

31st May 2006, 22:23

I have been the proud owner of a 1.5L Swift here in Singapore for the past 2 weeks. My wife and I absolutely love the car, the drive is fantastic, the front seats are well bolstered and the steering is nicely weighted, precise and gives good feedback. The interior feels very roomy and is quite well dampened against road noise. I have only two minor issues which are with the space saver spare tyre and the rear brakes still using drums, but the Swift GTI will have discs all round for those who don't mind paying more for the sportier version. The boot is a little small, but enough for most shopping bags and the rear seats (60/40 split) fold down anyway without much fuss.

2nd Aug 2006, 07:23

Hi there.

I have just ordered my Swift (1.5L Base Model) took it for a test drive and loved. It will take some getting used to the clutch, but every car is different. So far one complaint supply to Australia is limited and I have to wait three months. I also got the optional Clarion Audio upgrade which adds a sub woofer and changes the six speakers to a higher quality and the addition of a power amp. Strangely enough doesn't upgrade to an Mp3 player; but, this car is already packed with so many features. Can't wait for it to get here.

20th Aug 2006, 07:14

Hi I have just ordered my Swift yesterday! Got a great deal, with added Tint windows, Clarion 6CD stacker, alloy pedals and Mats. I can't wait for it to arrive in october.

The only problem I noticed during the test drive was the high position of the Clutch which takes awhile to get use to. Overall great package in a nice little car!

28th Aug 2006, 18:15

This car won Car Magazine's 2005 Car of the Year Award. I haven't driven one, but it seems to be very highly rated by the motoring press.

21st Oct 2006, 11:07

I took delivery of a Swift 1.5 GLX two months ago, and have covered just over 2000 miles.

I'm very pleased with it, plenty of power (but you've got to rev it beyond 4000 rpm to get the best from it), and it handles well. The high equipment levels and relatively low price make it a bit of a bargain.

I think the car looks quite sporting, and the interior is well designed, too. I particularly like the way the switches glow a warm red at night.

Only problem so far is a minor rattle from the clock display at the top of the dash when going over broken road surfaces, but that's not exactly major.

Overall, I'd recommend this car.

2nd Nov 2006, 05:45

I had my Swift DDiS new last month and love it, apart from the various rattles from the glove-box lid, behind the clock and from both rear door panels which buzz on certain surfaces or with the stereo on. The dealers will sort soon.

It is a good package at an excellent price, with great handling, but you can tell where cost has been saved eg; poor quality nylon seat edge fabric, only one interior boot handle, no parcel shelf strings etc.

I get many admiring looks in it, and it often gets described a a five door Mini copy.

As a budget buy with extensive kit, it is commendable, but quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten!

If Suzuki can't disable the infuriating "keys in ignition" alarm, I will get a hammer to it! I know the keys are there- I f*&%"*g put them there!! AAAAAAGHH!!

As soon as you TOUCH the ignition with the key with the door open it screeches deafeningly at you nonstop- most annoying if you want to put the keys somewhere not to be lost while loading, or to sit with the door open and the radio on. You have to take the keys OUT if you want to sit with the door open in hot weather too. It is a plain stupid design and really annoys me every time I use the car.

I know the seatbelt alarm is there to attain the 4*NCAP rating, but when manouvering/reversing without the seatbelt, it is dangerously distracting, not a safety item.

Again, a meddling and annoying alarm. Ford's seatbelt alarms sound for 10 seconds and go off, not 90 seconds-this gives you an idea of how far Suzuki are behind other brands in terms of extensive testing and owner feedback.

I bought this car after testing most of the opposition-a full report/comparisons will follow in a month or so.

I do like it but the rattles and alarms are seriously getting to me already.


3rd Nov 2006, 08:20

I've done just over 5000 miles in my 1.5GLX, and absolutely love it except for the rattling clock. It's so loud I can hear it over the radio, and my car is with the dealer today for the FIFTH time to sort it out. One dealer has told me it is a design fault that Suzuki GB are investigating, the dealer that sold me the car has denied this. Suzuki customer services have been appalling, to the point where out of principle I'm going to take a depreciation loss I can ill afford on the chin and sell the car out of principle. Be warned - great car, poor back up.

4th Nov 2006, 05:25

Poor Suzuki back up? I am surprised as my dealer experience is absolutely first class, and was the deciding factor in buying the Swift over the other cars I tested.

However, annoying rattles are one of the first reasons I would sell a car. They do drive you absolutely mad, but I would perhaps take the car to a different franchised dealer and tell them of your woes, before losing the money if you feel you have reached the end of the road with the current dealer.

If that fails, then show the dealer the comments on here, and say that you will take issue with Suzuki direct, and to a consumer body if you get no success. A well structured letter of formal complaint must be dealt with, and you are covered by various statutory laws. A good dealer should either get the fault sorted once and for all, or offer an alternative vehicle at a fair rate from their group stock. Many Suzuki dealers are owned by large concerns who have other brands under their umbrella, if this has put you off the brand.

I would approach it in this order; speak to the Manager of the dealership first, then write a formal complaint to the director of that group, then try another Suzuki dealer (who will appreciate the future service and sale business), then contact Suzuki.

In my experience, dealerships are very busy and minor faults that will not go away are something they can well do without.

Make your point clear, and they usually come good, and offer a solution.

When buying, the after service is my prime concern, and I have stopped buying other brands after one bad experience.

In my experience, the sensible dealers usually sort issues themselves without involving the manufacturers.

I wish you good look! Geoff.