29th Nov 2006, 00:04

I order the car yesterday, it will be the first Swift with 3 doors in Varna and the first with that class of equipment in Bulgaria/with 3 doors/.As I read your comments, it only makes me happy and grateful for my choice to buy this car. I was thinking to buy Mitsubishi Colt, but the Swift looks better. Thank you.

21st Jun 2007, 15:04

Have had my 1.5GLX for 6 weeks now. Yes, clutch does take a bit of getting used to. Have absolutely no rattles. If you set the mpg display correctly it works perfectly well. Currently indicating consumption of exactly 40mpg after 1200 miles, two thirds of this being local urban driving. I am very pleased with the car and enjoy driving it more each day. Boot is a wee bit small, but what the heck the back seats fold down. On experience so far I can recommend it.

6th Jul 2007, 14:35

Update to previous problem with paintwork, now painted, looks very good, thanks suzuki.

21st Jul 2007, 07:11

I am the person who posted the original review.

Car is now well over a year old and has covered about 10,000 miles.

No rattles, creaks or other problems. Very pleased with the car. Averages 37mpg driven quite hard in mixed urban/rural driving with air-con switched on all the time.

Engine has run a lot smoother and with more power from about 6,000- miles - it takes a long time to bed in. Clutch feels a lot better too.

Only problem has been some scoring of front brake discs - replaced free at the first service. Overall very happy!

3rd Mar 2008, 16:14

Well where do I start. I have a 06 Suzuki Swift GLX 1.3 I bought it on 1970 at 6months old. I have now completed 14000 miles and within this time, I have en-counted many annoying problems.

Firstly the brakes have been grinding, The electronics to open the doors have stopped working on at least 20 times. my car also dose not seem as quick as to when I first bought it. feels like as if it's a battery needing re-charged. I have had it re programmed twice. The drivers seat constantly squeaks, both front windows also constantly rattle when open. Then on the other hand... you have my exhaust which sounds like it has blown, also the petrol cap broke, as it would not click close... The engine management light has flashed and stayed on about 4times.. I have never been away from Suzuki from the day I purchased my car, They offered me a job at one point (joke).. However each time I return the car I receive a courtesy car with no petrol in, which I keep having to pay for. so I am out of pocket in the long run. And all Suzuki say is they can't seem to find any problems with the car. Is this a joke? I don't know much about motor's, but come on I can clearly see these problems.. how well trained are these so called Mechanics? I bet it's a 5day crash course. Anyway getting back onto about the car.. great motor if had no problems, very nice to drive spacious, and also good on petrol. this is an overall cool car if it suffered less on none of the above problems, and the Suzuki Staff pulled there fingers out.. Thank-you.

28th Nov 2008, 18:49

My brakes were also grinding (56 plate 1.5). Had new disc and pads fitted 1k ago, now squeaking at low speed! Also had rattle on n/s door panel, they removed and couldn't find a problem and refitted, now rattle has gone!

I find this car great, good mpg (average 45mpg), fun handling and has A/C, keyless entry, e/w and MP3 player; what more could you ask for on a car that cost new £8500!

1st Nov 2009, 07:41

Radio/CD and central dash panel suddenly gave up the ghost. Helpful sales guy at Suzuki dealership checked fuse and found it OK, so I am still wondering what might have gone wrong. Still no radio! Still no central display!

Rear tyres show unusual wear after a few thousand miles. Suzuki charged for checking only to announce there is nothing wrong with the alignment of the wheels. Obviously it follows that the tyre wear is nothing to do with the car itself! Interesting! This is a well reported problem on the web!

Apart from these hiccups this is a really great little car, and at the price could be good value. We shall see if and when the niggles are sorted.