18th Feb 2008, 03:26

As the original report writer, I remember that my front brakes used to grind and another member commented that theirs had been replaced-I got rid of mine before it needed doing.

If you have an airbag fault, it is a serious safety issue and needs to be thoroughly investigated urgently. Not only does it need putting right, but the relevant authorities need informing, in case a safety recall is necessary. You may find that Suzuki will try to brush it off, but if you check with VOSA, there may have been another "isolated" case, which will obviously help you.

In my experience, the dealers were helpful most of the time, but Suzuki UK was not much help at all.

Please update the site with progress...

6th Dec 2009, 09:39

I am shocked to read all the bad reviews on the Swift!

We have one DDIS bought from new in 2005 and these are the only faults so far.

Under warranty:-

1. MAF replaced... bad performance

2. Glow plug module.

Out of warranty:-

1. 1 Glow plug

2. EGR.

Apart from this, it has given nothing but enjoyment, even though it only our "runaround car", it performs well from 2000 rpm up, has excellent economy, it's quiet for a diesel, it's comfortable and handles well, has acceptable standard equipment, good audio system, practical folding of rear seats to extend luggage space.

OK, I agree with the mediocre plastic materials, quality of interior trim and other irritating issues that have been reported, although I haven't experienced this myself, but this isn't a BMW 5 Series or my BMW M3, so I can live with it!

We also have a Fiat Panda 1.3 MJ with the same engine as the Swift, now... how can anyone compare this with the Swift is beyond me! The Panda is probably the cheapest car to have the 1.3MJ engine. Its interior quality, plastic and build quality is just cheap! Once you sit in it, you will feel like a giant inside a miniature car! Ride, handling, it's in another league... The only thing similar is the engine...!

24th Mar 2010, 16:03

Original writer back:

I remember our DDiS Swift with hate and horror as one of the worst cars I have ever owned, however, I note the various changes since the early model we had:

Now has re-designed rear shelf, now sub-120g/km remap, different ECU settings, some trim differs.

We had the Panda with the same engine so to answer comment above, the Panda was far better designed and more "together" - as if all components worked together to make the whole good, rather than grinding against each other to create ownership misery.

Just thinking about the Swift has made me irritated - I remember the FURY it caused on a daily basis.

Maybe with the updates, it is a better car, and maybe my needs are different from others, but even my humble Perodua Myvi is a joy to live with, along with various other small cars I have owned in between.

I hope others like their Swifts, as you can see, I did not gel with mine at all, but fashion is of no interest to me - unlike many target buyers - I want a car that works 100% and feels "right", without intrusive annoyances to infuriate me.

23rd Mar 2011, 20:03

Geoff I do not believe how you go on about the Swift DDIS.

I think it is an excellent car for the money, and I've had a few good 'uns and a few bad cars, and the Swift fits into the good category. Yes it's built to a budget, that's why you pay less.

With the review you have given it, anybody would think that you want to drive a Rolls Royce for £10000 brand new, or maybe you thought that what you was getting because you have certainly reviewed it as one.

Key alarms and seat belt alarms are a feature of any car now and believe me they are as annoying in any car, but that is exactly what they are there for to annoy you into doing it.

Rattles are prominent on most cars now especially with the state of the roads.

The Swift is an excellent economy car with excellent low running and fuel costs.

28th Mar 2011, 04:01

I can see your point, but my 2006 DDIS was one of the worst cars I have ever used due to the poorly thought out designs and materials throughout.

I particularly remember the awful stereo beeping, rough fabrics, idiot-designed seatbelt alarms (better programmed on any other make), stupid parcel shelf and steering that over-weighted at 60mph.

They have made improvements to later models; eg the rear shelf, ECU program and fabrics, but the 2006 car I had was a nightmare, and I still shudder thinking about it.

In stark contrast, my old 5999GBP Perodua Myvi had many better designs, no rattles, perfect reliability and better stereo, fabrics etc. It looks daft and is nowhere near as cool as a Swift, but is Toyota based and properly developed. The minor issues and boaty handling on the Myvi can be forgiven at the price, but the Swift is way more expensive and should be better.

Many will think it is crazy comparing a gawky Myvi or Sirion to a Swift, as they buy for image not engineering. I speak from an ownership experience, and I have never had a worse new hatchback than the Swift; it promised lots, but had endless irritations and was thoroughly miserable to own.

Even after numerous dealer returns to sort it out, I just felt like I was fighting it all the time; a dozen rattles, scratchy fabrics, daft boot opening/shelf, stalling, reverse gear grinding, beeping awful quality radio, daft locking system, infuriatingly stupidly set up seatbelt and key alarms, stupid flashing mpg display, daft power steering programming etc etc - this in a new car is not acceptable - driving my early 2006 model Swift was like being a test pilot in an unfinished prototype.

They may have improved since, but mine was truly AWFUL.