Wagon R+ GL 1.2

Perfect for retired couples who value good sense over fashion

738 words, UK and Ireland, 12 comments


Wagon R+ 1.3 petrol

Suzuki shows how to make an affordable car reliable

96 words, UK and Ireland

Wagon R+ 1.3

It is a fabulous zippy car that fulfills all of my weekly transport needs

345 words, France


Wagon R+ 1.3

The best elderly citizens runabout yet made

159 words, UK and Ireland


Wagon R+ petrol

Good value for money

26 words, Isle of Man

Wagon R+ GL 1.3 petrol

A very good value buy - reliable and good to drive

217 words, UK and Ireland, 1 comment


Wagon R+ GL 1.3

Good value shopper, average performance elsewhere nothing to write home about

119 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments


Wagon R+ 4wd 1.2 petrol

Practical mini-van

93 words, Norway

Wagon R+ R 1.2

Brilliant little car

41 words, UK and Ireland

Wagon R+ R+ 1.3

Does what it was designed to do

145 words, UK and Ireland


Wagon R+ GL 1.0 petrol

Stroke of genius - can't find anything as space-efficient to replace it

162 words, France

Wagon R+ 1.2 Liter Gasoline

Ugly little reliable car!

61 words, Norway


Wagon R+ 0.9 petrol

If you don't require any street cred and simply want to go to and from work, it's perfect!

87 words, UK and Ireland, 2 comments