2001 Suzuki XL-7 Grand Vitara V6 from North America


I would definitely buy another XL-7


Nothing at all has gone wrong, but be warned that because of the tire size, replacement tires may cost you more than expected!

General Comments:

After a great deal of thought, I traded in my Jeep TJ for a Suzuki XL-7. I wanted a vehicle that could transport more than 2 passengers in relative comfort, and still have room for cargo. I'm glad I made this decision! Whether on the highway, or driving up some extreme mountain roads I have always gotten to my destination in a safe and comfortable manner. I wish I had a bit more ground clearance though.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2006

2001 Suzuki XL-7 Grand Vitara Gold Edition only one size inthis model from North America


Great price for a really good car


Air conditioner went out after about 6 months. Under warranty and dealer replaced although it took tooo long for them to get part. Then discovered they ordered wrong one and had correct one in stock all along.

OEM tires were really bad. Replaced with same type since Sears said there was no other recommended. Wore out really quick again. (Brigstone) replaced with BF Goodrich slightly larger than OEM and all is well. 20k miles seems pretty bad for tire wear and it was smooth wear and not due to suspension issue.

Eats front brake pads. I'm on my third set. OEM out at 20K and no after market available so replaced with dealer part (was GM geo brake pads) lasted about 30K -- now on Bendix pads. Brakes squeal problem, but I think some of that is failure to turn rotors.

General Comments:

Had a few trim and fit issues at purchase and dealer fixed so no problem. The AC compressor dilemma was a little stressful, but it got resolved eventually. Disappointed about the cheap tires, but it's not uncommon with low cost autos, the brakes are a nuisance, but since I can replace them myself and they are now generally avaialble it's no huge deal.

Ride is fairly rough and the seats 7 is crowded for adults. It was great when the kids were smaller. Love the rear air conditioner and although we seldom use it the 4-wheel drive is good to have in the bad weather. Best thing I did for it was get the better and slightly wider tires. Improved handling and drivability substantially.

Engine is a little weak for weight / size of auto, but not under powered. I think they put larger engine in the following years. Gas mileage is not real good, but then it's a 4-wheel drive SUV so it's as expected. AVG 17 mpg.

Car has served us well with less grief than the GMC jimmy I previously owned. Will probably see it roll to at least 120k before trading if it keeps behaving.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2006

27th Jul 2007, 16:46

Re HVAC: yeah, that compressor is special and really really expensive... congratulations on getting it to fail during warranty... most of us are not so lucky... expect between 40,000 and 60,000 miles out of this $1600 (installed) compressor.

Re tires: If you have the standard steel or alloy 16 inch rims, you got lied to all the way around. Unless they're the only tire place in town, never go back. Michelin X-One tires (P235/60 R16) fit perfectly and deliver perfectly in all areas. You will never regret them. Don't settle for cheaper Harmony's... pay the extra. And for winter, X-Ice stops on a dime regardless of surface conditions (getting going... well that's another matter, but they always stop cold)! (no, I don't work at Michelin... I've just been driving for 35+ years and you learn a few things in that amount of time)

Re brakes: Meineke will put on lifetime pads any time you like. They cost a little more, but you can be sure they last longer (since Meineke doesn't want to see you too often either :-)