10th Feb 2006, 19:35

Discovered I had paid for an extended warranty to 60,000 miles when I purchased the vehicle, forgot about it. I paid $50 deductible and the Insurance Policy paid $1,400.00. They had to replace all three tensioners. Couldn't give me a reason they went out. I have used Mobil 1 (synthetic oil) since after break-in (5,000 miles) changing it and the filter every 3 – 4,000 miles. I’m going to hold onto the vehicle at least until the extra warranty is up. Hopefully there will be no more problems.

25th Mar 2007, 09:55

It's now March 25, 2007 since the tensioners were replaced I've had no other real problems with the vehicle. It now has 49,243 miles on it. It does have a check engine light that comes on, stays on for a week, and then turns off by itself. Vehicle has been correctly serviced, code reading is inconclusive about what the problem may be.

Just spent the last three weeks helping my daughter pick out a used car. Went from dealerships to private sellers looking at condition, mileage and drive-ability. We used my XL7 to visit these places. I can honestly say that in the 20 - 25 vehicles I drove and gave my opinion on the only vehicle I might have considered its' equal was a 95 Acura Legend (she bought a 98 Honda Accord). My opinion.

14th Feb 2008, 22:34

It's February 14, 2008. The XL7 now has 58,000 miles. Check engine light turned out to be a bad thermostat. Once that was replaced the light went out and hasn't come on again. Nothing else has gone wrong with the car. Lots of complaints about the air conditioning compressor at this and other sites. I've had no problem with it.

30th Jul 2008, 15:45

I just bought 2002 Suzuki XL7 with 87000 miles on it. Vehicle is in almost new condition. I paid $ 6500 for this vehicle. I have been driving it around. This vehicle is very smooth no noises or problem with air conditioning. It's got good power. what are the trouble areas I should be looking at as I use this vehicle.

21st Feb 2009, 21:35

The vehicle now has 73,000 miles on it. The right rear wheel bearing went out. Dealer wanted $500 to replace (vehicle has ABS and that figured into the price). Got it done by a mechanic that is a member of the same Suzuki club I am for $360. Other than that, no further problems to report.

31st Oct 2009, 21:54

At 92,000 miles my XL7 was rear ended by a girl that was texting while she drove. Her insurance company has totaled out the vehicle. Had to replace the front rotors and have the AC recharged. Other than the things mentioned above, nothing had gone wrong with the vehicle. Will be actively looking for another XL7 of the old style with a frame. Not interested in the new crossovers. I owned the vehicle from new to 92,000 miles and 7 years. I couldn't be happier with it. We're going to miss it.