2002 Suzuki XL-7 2.6 from North America


The best SUV out there. The 2002s seem to be the better ones, awesome


I researched for weeks, and narrowed it down; Suzuki was one of my options. I found one used from a local dealer.

When I took it out for a drive, I was in love with everything about it. Bought it on the spot. But it did make a squealing noise when I first started it up. The owner said he needed to spray a belt, plus he was doing the inspection.

I had read all the reviews, and most of them were about the A/C compressor going up, and the cost was way too much for me, being on a limited income. But I also read that if that belt is squealing, to have it replaced so it won't mess up the compressor. I told the owner this when I picked it up, but he said he sprayed it, and it was fine, until I started it. He gave me a 30 day warranty, and it started making a noise when I was driving, so I took it back, and he replaced the belt for nothing since I was still under warranty.

I had it serviced recently: oil change, transmission fluid and filter, air filter, etc. My friend noticed a noise, and replaced the timing chain. When he was in there, he went ahead and changed the plugs, thermostat, and a few other things before he put the cover back on. The cost was 1,000.00 includes parts.

General Comments:

This is the nicest auto I've ever owned. It handles well, nice smooth drive, feels nice and tight, and has never left me sitting. Everything still works fine on it. You can tell it was well taken care of.

I don't drive it hard, and I don't put a lot of miles on it, maybe 5,000 a year. I check my oil, and check for leaks. If I hadn't have read about that belt for the A/C, which the owner didn't even know about, and he has a garage, it would have went out within a few more days.

I hope to have my Suzuki for a long time; the inside looks brand new. I can't say enough good about it, and at 114,000 miles, it's just getting broken in.

Not all autos are a given, no matter what the reviews. Sometimes they come from the factory with issues. If you buy it used, no matter how good it looks or drives, depending on a lot of ifs, you're still taking a chance. When I test drove mine, I got it out on the highway to get it up to 70 to make sure it didn't shimmy or shake; it drove as smooth as glass, and I kept an eye on the gauges.

I'm a single female, and consider myself lucky. I've had lemons before. Can't say enough good about it.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2014

22nd Feb 2018, 02:25

It is a good vehicle, but no matter how much you care for it, it starts failing a lot, really often. Still handles well, it's just a pain to maintain since everything is expensive due to it being Japanese I guess. Another bad quirk of it is that for some reason there are rarely replacement parts available for it; they have to be genuine Suzuki parts to easily fit.

2002 Suzuki XL-7 from North America


They should change the name from Suzuki to Sosuky


The back door does not lock.

The interior roof is starting to get brown spots.

Power steering leaked.

Air compressor went out (less than 100k miles).

Power steering pump going out.

Headlights keep going out. You have to remove the grille to replace.

Side trim falling off.

General Comments:

I had wanted this vehicle when it first came out. I got it, and I was happy with it, until all of the listed problems started happening.

The 4wd works great.

This used to be an awesome vehicle, but now it is not. When you fix one thing, something else breaks.

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Review Date: 27th December, 2010