1981 Talbot Tagora GLS 2.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


A fantastically rare machine, with great looks, with sheer driving pleasure


Front suspension failure.

Trip computer failure.

General Comments:

An extremely obscure, but unbelievably rewarding car.

Very wide, and long, parking can be a problem.

Extremely comfortable, with a quality interior.

Packed with features, including power steering, trip computer, electric windows.

Powerful and very smooth engines, though can be uneconomical for town driving.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 2nd July, 2001

23rd Jan 2002, 13:10

If you can dig up the SX model with the v6, guard it with your life!

15th Nov 2002, 17:21

How many of these are still going? can you still get bits for them?

28th Nov 2002, 17:11

Yes, you can still get engine bits. The 2.2 engine's design dates back to the Chrysler 180 from 1970 and is the same as in the Matra Murena 2.2, which is being driven by enthusiasts all over Europe. The V6 engine is the famous PRV engine, found in the Peugeot 604, Volvo 264, Renault 30, Renault Alpine and... DeLorean!

I'm not very sure about body parts, though. The Tagora wasn't a success, because it wore the Talbot brand name.