12th Jun 2003, 01:27

The Talbot Tagora was featured in four models and down to three engines:

The GL and the GLS with the 2.2 (2156cc) N9T.

The DT with a 2.3 (2304cc) XD2.

The SX with the PRV 2.6 (2664cc).

Quite reliable and cozy.

16th Dec 2004, 11:00

Sorry guys, my experience doesn't quite match up. I bought one in 1990 (a 1983 car - the GL without any electric bits and only a 4 speed gearbox.) for the age, mileage was quite high at 125k, but mainly it was a lemon. thirstier than my 3 litre volvo 164te had been (and that was automatic), vague, oversensitive power steering and a marshmallow ride. According to an article in practical Classics a few months ago there are only a dozen or so left. I hope they're better than mine. I guess I might have been unlucky with my particular car.

4th Jul 2005, 11:42

Talbot Tagora, hmm.

My dad ended up with one of these in the early eighties. He lent it to me for a trip to Scotland (from Lincoln) and sure enough, 20 miles from Edinburgh the exhaust fell off. Now apparently there were only about 200 of these cars in the UK, so no exhaust place in its right mind was going to hold parts in stock. I was laughed at by every dealer in Scotland before we had a part shipped up from Lincoln, where one had been waiting to be fitted to the car. Yes, he knew the exhaust was on its way out, but failed to mention this before I left. That apart, I have to say I've never seen a car rust as fast as this one – it was scrapped when it was about five years old. Handling? Well it didn't, really. Reliability? Very little. Comfort? in a squashy way, not too bad when stationary. When moving it made most people nauseous. Not sorry to see the back of it.

14th Dec 2005, 11:02


I'm Spanish boy and... my English's very poor. I'm Sorry. Well, that's my question:

I want a buy a Talbot Murena 2.2 but I'm afraid than I can't still get engine bits in Spain. I wanted to know which is its type of motor exactly.

Also I ask myself if this motor were continued mounting in later models of cars, or if it's compatible with other more modern motors.

Please, send me a mail, and... thank you for all.


22nd Mar 2006, 11:22

Hi, Stan!

Firstly, I send a greeting, and I thank to you for the answer to my question. Now I'm sure that the engine in the Murena 2.2 comes from the Chrysler 180, but... Would I replace the engine inside a Murena, directly with another engine, which you mentioned to me previously?

In affirmative case... which of these? The pieces of the engine are the same ones (for example Alpine or Chrysler?

Another question...

I'm read that the gearbox mounted inside of the Murena is the same as that in the Citroen CX... Is this true? Can I replace one with the other directly... without modifications?

Lastly... PLEASE... Where can I find a workshop manual for this car...? This seems to be an impossible task. There's someone in Internet?

Greetings from Spain... in this place you have a friend. ;-)

11th Oct 2007, 14:41

I had one a few years ago (1990) the car was a 1982 2.2GL Tagora, on 125K miles. it was a total lemon, slow, thirsty, and rusty with a nausea inducing ride. Oh, did I mention the rust? There was nothing wrong that a new car couldn't put right! However; my wife wrote a humorous magazine article based on my 'adventures' with the car, so it wasn't all bad.

29th Mar 2008, 09:36

I've just been lucky enough to bag myself a rare SX V6 which is thought to be one of only around five known cars to exist. There are a few more in France but in RHD a truly rare find. Now I own one I am baffled at why they didn't sell well. V6 2.6 engine with twin triple webber carbs (very tunable!) manual 5 speed box, rear drive and I believe an LSD too. Decent build with what I would consider distinctive (although very 80's) styling giving quite an attractive form, especially in SX trim. I feel the only things that let it down are the slightly bland and unusually styled interior for its class, which is a bit plasticy and not exactly plush, although it has enough toys (for its era). And maybe the steering wheel, it's an awful single spoke thing and rather skinny too, its seems to go against the whole ethos of the car??? The other is the badge, Talbot were simply not known for making big cars, especially executive class cars with a distinctly sporting edge as the SX definitely was. Shame, it really did deserve to do better. Even more of a shame is that being remembered as a disaster, it now gets lampooned by anyone and everyone, mainly by people who have never even seen one and were probably in primary school when they were launched! At least some of us are brave enough to see through the rubbish and actually try for ourselves, and be rewarded for our efforts.

28th Dec 2008, 07:03

Hi every one.

I'm from Kyrgzystan, and I bought a Talbot Tagora 2.2 made in 1983. It's in bad condition, and I want to restore it. If anyone have any information, documentation, please send it to me at alligatorus@gmail.com. I will really appreciate it.

14th Jan 2009, 14:40

A late B reg 2.2 was for sale at my local car auction in Northern Scotland about 2 years ago. It was hand painted in matt black complete with brush marks and the odd hair. It was running on 3 cylinders and had everybody including the auctioneer choking as it filled the place with white smoke. Despite this, with hindsight I wish I had bought it. It was sold for £85.

11th Mar 2009, 19:04

Hi, I had a Talbot Tagore 2.6 V6 SX about 16 years ago. It was silver with a gray interior. I sold it for 600 pounds to a man from Kent. I had moved back home and had nowhere to keep it as I also had a Sierra, which was a bit cheaper to run. So the old beast lost out (I called it the beast as the reg was DRP 666 X, the number of the beast)

I used it to go to Scotland a few times, and F1 stockcar racing at Crewe (just watching not racing). It was a great car for long distances; my mates used to race to get in the back as there is so much room on the settee looking backseat.

Now I'm in my early forties, I wish I could have it back, to restore and show it. I'm still gutted I had to sell it, you never know.

Richie in London.

18th Mar 2009, 12:29

Well according to DVLA records the 2.6 SX DRP 666X was last registered in 1991, any chance of it still being around are slim to say the least. Shame really, not many seemed to last much past 10 years old for some reason, the dreaded tin-worm more than likely.

23rd Jul 2009, 14:08

I have a late `83 tagora DT. This is a extremely rare car here in Norway. Ages since I saw another on the road.. Mine is in relative good condition, not so much rust, that I assume was the reason that so few of these cars still are present..

I enjoy driving this rare and comfortable french car, that's for sure :-)