2013 Tesla Model S 60 from North America


Worth the range anxiety



General Comments:

The range is comfortable for a daily commute. Supercharging is beginning to have great coverage, and the battery life is still good.

Very comfortable and obviously quiet, performance you wouldn't expect from an EV, and great looks and gadgets.

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2014

24th Sep 2014, 21:10

I guess that it would be OK around town, but not for any highway trips. And especially not in the cold.

26th Sep 2014, 16:53

Most have a large SUV with room and a back seat if they also own 2 seater sports cars for fun.

11th Sep 2015, 09:39

Maybe you should look into what supercharging is, then you'll understand why long trips are easy in a Model S. Also why would it not be good in the cold? The car is popular all over Europe, e.g. Norway where it is often extremely cold.