1991 Toyota 4Runner LN 130 2.4 turbo diesel from Australia and New Zealand


If you get a good one, these things are allround gems


The head went about 1 month after purchase... suspect head bogged up for sale re; Chemiweld.

New 3L head now on 3 years later truck running really well.

The alternator looks like it's failing at this moment!

Apart those problems it's very good.

General Comments:

Great to drive off road on dirt etc, but can wander a tad on the bitumen.

Wheel alignment checked out; spot on!

Generally a very safe tough machine.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2008

1991 Toyota 4Runner from North America


Nice ride, poor transmission


1991 Toyota 4 Runner, 4WD, automatic transmission. I have had transmission problems on and off since I bought the vehicle brand new. Transmission was replaced within the first 60 days of ownership, major transmission repairs at 100,000 miles. I have 130,000 original miles on it now. Has anybody ever heard about this vehicle jumping from park to reverse when idling?

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Review Date: 24th April, 2007

1991 Toyota 4Runner sr5 3.0 V6 from North America


Rugged, Sexy, and Dependable


The clear coat of paint is just now starting to peel. Which I'm not complaining about. It's an older vehicle and only the clear coat is coming off, not the paint itself.

When I first bought it, I took it to a reliable mechanic, and with 199,000 miles, the most severe thing was a CV axle. Mechanic found 5 things on a 72-point inspection.

Sun damage was bad on bug guards and side rails. The black turned a grayish-white color. I bought this stuff called "Liquid Class" (in the car care section) for less than $10, and it looks brand new. Stuff is amazing.

A few random other things have happened since last year, knock sensor replaced, oil pressure switch, and I'm having my transmission rebuilt tomorrow actually.

General Comments:

I have had quite a few vehicles in the past, and this is by far my favorite.

Even with the $2000 I'm going to give my mechanic tomorrow to rebuild my transmission, it has 203,000 miles on it, and this is the first major repair I've needed.

Fun to drive, but over rough roads, the ride can start to get too bumpy even for a truck.

Do not like the design on the seats at all. I highly recommend seat covers.

When you pop the hood, a lot of mechanics have a hard time hitting the release switch. Need someone with small fingers to trip it.

One weird thing...doesn't like high octane gas. Say what you want how there is no difference, or that there is a difference and I should use high octane for a high-mileage vehicle, runs like crap unless I put the cheap stuff in.

Never had a problem with the head gasket like the 1995. Knock on wood.

As a girl, I was reluctant on buying something this big (I was used to cars) and have never regretted it. This truck is my baby and I will never trade it in, or sell it.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2006

1991 Toyota 4Runner SR5 22RE from North America


Good Old Machine


Since I have owned the truck I have done the following:

Replaced Tires (upgraded),

Replaced fuel pump bracket and lines - 290,000km.

Replaced shocks - 230,000km,

Replaced Idler Arm - 228,000km

General Comments:

Very tough truck!

Not a real performance machine, not overly fast or comfortable, but definitely grows on you.

These trucks have a reputation for dependability and they live up to it!

In the course of owning the truck I have modified the truck for off-road use.

The truck is worked VERY hard, but maintained well and has yet to let me down or leave me stranded.

I would definitely recommend buying one of these trucks if you can find one that has been well maintained and kept free from typical rust.

It WILL prove to be one of (if no the) best truck you ever own.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2006

1991 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0L V6 from North America


Old Reliable


The 4Runner has performed extremely well for me and I am becoming a very faithful Toyota buyer. After 150,000 miles, the 4Runner had a problem with the Crankshaft, but I'm afraid that is due to my failure to maintain the correct oil fills, because it was fairly low when we drained it to do the repair.

I continually hear about people having problems with the head gaskets on Toyota trucks, but I have never had a problem, knock on wood. I had to rebuild the engine in a 1982 Toyota pickup after 180,000. According to the previous owner and the dealership I questioned, the head gasket and everything else was original. After 180,000 miles, I am completely satisfied with its performance. After the rebuild, its running better than ever.

The only other problem I have had is that the air compressor pump froze at the beginning of the summer, but being in Arizona with 120 degree heat, after 12 years, I'm willing to replace it. Furthermore, the type of compressor on the 4Runner does not "grenade" and that is a major advantage. When a compressor grenades, the entire system has to be flushed to eliminate the metal shavings. The 4Runner simply freezes.

General Comments:

Everything else has performed extraordinarily well. The 4Runner has performed as well as any truck I've had. It has pulled large trailers, takes hills really well, (haven't tried a real mountain yet, since Arizona doesn't have mountains!)

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Review Date: 22nd September, 2003

11th Apr 2004, 17:15

1991 V6 SR5 5spd. Purchased in 1998 w/91K miles. Currently have 150+ miles. Had the head gasket warranty work done in 1999 and had the water pump and timing chain replaced at that time. Since that time, I've had no problems with the vehicle. It has been very reliable. I've just added a 4inch suspension lift kit, 4.88 gears, Detroit lockers front and back, a Borla cat-back exhaust, K&N filter charger, and also just upgraded to a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch. No problems to date... Daily driver with 33x12.5x15 inch all terrain tires. I would only by Toyota for their reliability and dependability... but not new!

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