1993 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0L from North America


Good first vehicle :)


Needs brakes, and brake line, seats cracked, bumper, and sunroof. (but these where from previous owner)

General Comments:

Handles real well, need some work, but I can put some money into it, it should be fine. TONS of room! Just what I need, I do live on a farm; if my parents can't get to the feed store, I can.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2009

1993 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0 V6 from North America


It is completly worthless


Head gasket blew 2 days ago on my wife's 93 4runner; apparently this is a fairly large and widespread problem with 4runners.

I have called my local dealer and of course it has already been replaced under the recall in 98. So what do you suggest I do I asked, half knowing what they were going to say. "Well there's really nothing we can do, why don't you bring it in and have it looked at".

As far as I'm concerned I'm done with "it'll run forever" and "Toyotas last way longer than there American counterparts". Toyota, thanks for nothing.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2008

23rd Dec 2008, 05:05

What do you want and expect from a car that is 15 years old has 150,000 miles on the clock? A cylinder head gasket is not a major issue! You might have a right to complain if the car was 2 years old with 20,000 on it but really!

Take it to your local non-franchised repairer and get it done for a third of the price.

I think your comments and scores need to be reality checked!

1993 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0 3VZE from North America


The Toyota 3.0 engine really is junk


I started working for Toyota in 1981. I own 3 Toyotas, and 1 Nissan.

Last week going to work early in the morning I heard a loud bang, all my dash lights came on, and the engine was dead. I got over to the side of the road. It would not turn over; the engine was locked up.

I had it towed to where I work, which is a Lexus dealership. Upon inspection we found that the head gasket blew and hydro locked the engine, breaking 2 rods. I had the recall done at 60,000 miles (short block) of course since I did work there. My 4runner is in perfect shape and always serviced. I am now selling it to my mechanic at work for $2,200 and he will repair it.

I really wonder why Toyota Motors doesn't take care of these problems, like they do for all the sludge motor's SPA's. Trust me, I see customers that don't even change their oil and they get Lexus (Toyota) to take care of it. Toyota knows they had problems and should live with it and fix it!! I really could go on forever with the stories, since I do have 23 years with Toyota.

Really hate to sell my 4-runner, but I can't bear to spend $1800 on a used engine with 133,000 miles, or buy a remanufactured engine for $2,800. My only real option is to take the money and run!!!

General Comments:

The only problem I've had is the motor blowing head gaskets.

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Review Date: 1st September, 2007

8th Sep 2007, 07:58

Toyota took responsibility for the head gasket problem as it was a recall item for 1993 4Runners. They replaced mine for free when I had 98,000 miles on the vehicle and now I have 208,000 and it is still going strong.

They also replaced my steering column at 179,000 for free under another recall.

I bought this vehicle new in 1993 and plan on keeping it...

1993 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0L V6 from North America


"Great SUV, would reccomend over Ford, Chevy, and Dodge!


Washer Fluid Container Leaks (Old Plastic)

Coolant Leaking.

General Comments:

I purchased this SUV and it is a very good vehicle, but you must make sure that you purchase one that has had the head gaskets replaced or a new motor put in. Mine has a newer motor in it that only has around 80000 miles on it, it came from a 4runner. This is one of the big problems with this year so if you are going to purchase one make sure you get one that has been fixed.


Very Reliabe

On Demand 4Wheel Drive (Can engage in any gear)

Great Off-Road Vehicle.


Not very roomy (I am 6'6")

Not good for a family vehicle unless your under 6 foot

Gas Consumption is average, I get around 200Miles to tank or around 16 miles per gallon.


This is a very good and reliable vehicle, and would be good for someone needing a great 4x4 SUV. I am currently selling mine because I need something bigger with more room.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2007