2005 Toyota 4Runner Sport-Edition SR5 V6 from North America


It is a reliable work horse


I have driven over 7000km and there is nothing wrong so far.

General Comments:

As soon as I bought the vehicle, I tested as many functions as I can, including taking it to a field to test the 4x4 function, within a week.

There are several features that I think it needs improvement:

Climate Control

?It is hard to operate to push/hold the button to increase or decrease (half a degree at a time) the temperature, especially when the vehicle is in motion

?When I set to automatic, the air-condition function always comes on and the setting sets to blowing in the front only

?During the rainy season, the windows get fogged up easily

?The back window heat element takes longer time to clear the ice than my 1990 model.


?I purchased the part-time 4WD model, so when I set to 4WD mode, it takes about 10 seconds to engage. I could be in the ditch by then.

Outside Temperature Indicator

?The outside temperature indicator only goes as low as -22C which is not low enough for country like Canada.


?There is no sound warning if the light did not turn off. The 1990 model had this feature.


?The factory tires do not have good grips on icy roads, so I changed them to Michelin Cross Terrain. They make a big difference.

Arm Rest

?Because the vehicle is wider and I am a smaller person, My elbow cannot comfortably resting on the arm rest. My arms get tired after driving a while. If the arm rest can be more ergonomic (e.g. arm rest can be extended out), it will make the driving more comfortable. Right now I use velcro to strap another arm rest as the extender.

Overall, I really enjoy the vehicle very much. It is very quiet and smooth. The pickup is very good. This vehicle is more car-like than truck-like even though I prefer the later.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2005

25th Aug 2005, 10:04

I am in the market for a 2005 4Runner. Currently have a 1997. Your comments are very good. I will look for the "defects" you mentioned. I have Michelin tires too, on the 1997. Not happy to see I have to get them for the new 4Runner. Oh well, as you note, overall the 4Runner is the BEST SUV out there.

12th Sep 2007, 18:35

I have a 1995 4Runner and I did have to replace the Head Gasket. I noticed a loss of power when going from a stand still to getting the car moving. It jolted back and forth a little. Lots of money, but it works great again and I hope it will run a long time. 130k miles manual.