29th Apr 2003, 12:23

My '92 4Runner is fun to drive, has excellent handling, is safe and comfortable for everyone and is a nice-looking SUV. Of the thirty or so cars, trucks and vans I have owned and driven, both new and old, import and domestic, this one is by far the most fun, most useful, practical, all-around perfect vehicle I have ever driven. It is good as an MPV, furniture-hauler, off-road vehicle, freeway commuter, and a grocery shopper. It's easy to see 360 degrees when driving or parking in tight spots (which is important if you don't want to run anyone over) and where the road ends, this vehicle can just keep on going. Only a Toyota runs 4ever. ONLY TOYOTA.

20th Oct 2003, 20:33

I have had my Toyota for 9 years, brought it with 18,000 miles. First two years had problems with the AC unit, dealer did everything under the sun to repair it (installed new unit) finally it was the accumulator valve, fixed the problems (after $1,900 of parts). Vehicle ran great until the gear in the front part of the engine went out, cost me $2,700 to redo the heads and the gear (associated with the balancer up front). These are very reliable truck, but boy are they expensive to repair. Currently have 223,0000 miles, just replaced the 3rd and 5th gear in 5 speed transmission(2nd time). Now I am having overheating problems, changed various things to solve, however, still O-H, probably looking at new block or heads. Regardless of my problems looking to buy another 4-R if the repairs get too expansive.

13th Jul 2004, 23:39

I have a '93 Toyota 4Runner SR5 and it is an amazing car. The head gaskets finally went out at 230,000 miles. When I had that done I also put custom headers and timing belt on. The car now has 340,000 miles on it and still runs great. One thing that I can see going bad in the near future (100,000miles) is the tranny going out. But, other than that this car is great. Easy to keep up, easy to drive, easy to love. I am starting to get poor mileage though (10-14mpg) compared to what I got when it was newer (14-18mpg) and it would also be nice to have a little more power... The headers helped a lot though along with a K&N filter. But... These 4Runners are amazing.

4th Apr 2006, 11:35

How do you know what 1992 4runner's are covered under the head gasket recall? My head gasket just went on my 92 and I am not getting much help from the dealership.

Other than that I am really impressed by this vehicle.

14th Apr 2006, 20:06

I am considering a 1992 4Runner for my first car, and I appreciate the comments above. I was wondering if the 1992's have driver or passenger airbags, for insurance purposes. Could you guys help me?

21st Jan 2007, 10:23

My 1992 does not have airbags.

I also would like suggestions to improve the gas mileage, it now gets around 13 mpg. Also feels a little sluggish in low gears, any suggestions? I have changed the transmission fluid and the gas filter. That helped a little, but now much.

Please email me at Myrtlemike@aol.com with any suggestions. Thanks much.

13th Apr 2007, 13:58

Question for 1991 Hilux Surf owners - can I use plugs/filters/cap/rotor purchased for US 4runners on the Hilux?

Appreciate any tips, please write to beenerachi@hotmail.com.

Thanks a lot,


13th Apr 2007, 23:12

Bought a 1992 4runner (auto) a few months ago and I've loved every minute of it!! I've taken it off road a few times and I haven't had any problems with it and the wife and kids love it too, guy I bought it from was very reliable and it was worth the 3950 I payed for it. I know its got a few recalls on it, but haven't had enough time off and don't want to give it away to fix them, lol. It does have a front rear main seal leak and a small oil leak, but I've checked my fluids and its running great, and not having any problems. Shes been the best spent money I've spent. Even though she eats gas (average about 210 miles per tank) Brother has a 90 runner and hes afraid to challenge me on the local trails I think, lol. Haven't done any upgrading as I spent all my money on her when I bought it, but would like to hear what kind of inexpensive mods I can do to it if anybody can let me know, btw I'm no where near a mechanically inclined individual. Thanks. P.S- her name is Tonya!!

25th Apr 2007, 22:40

I have a 1992 4Runner SR5 4x4 V6 and it has 185K on it and it hasn't had to have any major repairs. They are way more reliable than any other car that I can think of. I have kept the oil changed and bought a K&N filter system soon to buy a Tornado intake to improve mileage. If anyone has ideas on what kind of headers or exhaust or any engine, suspension, manual transmission upgrades please let me know. Email me at nitroracer2@msn.com, Thanks.

3rd Aug 2007, 14:17

I have a 1991 4Runner, 5 speed. I love it. It has 197,000 miles on it. I just got a new FlowMaster muffler, which I understand will help with the gas mileage and power. I usually get about 17 MPG. I'm in the market for a new shifter cover, and driver's seat (as I have ripped it!). If anyone knows where to get these at a good price, please email me at Hannah@rowadventures.com.

9th Aug 2007, 02:37

With a keeno-flo exhaust and a new timing belt, I'm getting 520Km to a tank! Thanks keeno-flo exhaust!

23rd Feb 2010, 23:10

I just bought my 92 4 Runner. I love it, and after reading all the reviews on it. I'm sure I will love it for many more years to come.