1991 Toyota 4x4 Ex-cab V6 DX 3-VZE (3.0) V6 from North America


The only truck I will EVER own. Period


I have only had 2 problems which were out of my control: A blown head-gasket and rubber bushings that don't last that long.

The Head-gasket blew at 130,00 and Toyota fixed it for free.

The bushings on my front shocks last about a week (4" lift kit, 33" tires)

General Comments:

My truck has a 4" lift on it and about 80,000 miles of HARD off-road abuse, and apart from the bushings you would think it never saw dirt!

Off-road: it is amazing. It never gets stuck, It never breaks down, it handles exceptionally well and it is very responsive (even with the lift). I can take it VERY fast on some bad dirt roads and it takes them very smooth. Better off-road than my friends new TRD Tundra.

On the street it acts like a car. It basically thinks it's a lifted Honda CRX. Turns sharp and moves nicely through traffic (probably due to the torsion bar suspension design). Though it is not as responsive as it was before the lift kit, it still manages to surprise you.

The motor has 200,000 miles on it and it runs extremely strong. I speculate that it will run a good 200,000 miles more before I will need to rebuild it.

Although it is not fast it has good torque, but it could use a little more power (needs headers).

My bench seat is not too comfortable, but if it were an SR5 with the bucket seats it would be nice.

All around beautiful truck. All I have to do is change the oil every 3000 miles and clean it once in a while and everyone thinks it's a Tacoma because it looks so new and runs so strong. (Factory paint, factory motor, and it's a '91)

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Review Date: 25th February, 2003

7th Jun 2004, 00:00

I own a 1990 Toyota V6 ex-cab pickup and I could not agree more with these other comments. although I tend to baby my truck most of the time when I do put it through its paces it NEVER disappoints me. I life in (actually right next to) Pismo Beach, California and take it on the dunes on almost a weekly basis. I have pulled more chevys and other trucks out of the dunes than I can count. I've only been stuck once and that was because of my own stupidity. my "Yota" is the first truck I ever owned and I plan on keeping it and letting my kids drive it. I love my truck and believe that it is without a doubt the best truck made.

6th Dec 2006, 19:29

I own a 92' toyota pick up 4x4 sr5 V6, it has no lift, just the 31x10.5 tires, and man this thing takes some hardcore abuse through headlight deep water or anything else I throw at it. I love the truck and hope I have it for a long time.

1991 Toyota 4x4 SR5 XCAB 3.0L 3VZE from North America


Toyota shows why they can be number one in reliability/quality and it starts in their trucks


I want to start by saying that this truck was the best representation of what a truck should be and how it should be behave.

The BIGGEST problem I ever had with this truck was what later I found to be a piston ring defect. After a trip to Colorado I noticed a lack of power after I returned to the Midwest. I felt it could have been a bad emission sensor which wasn't letting the computer readjust to the denser air. I noticed and excessive amount of blow-by in the throttle body so that pointed to other things. After timeless research by technicians and mechanic friends that the problem was warped piston rings. Turns out that at any time the engine temperature was overheated (i.e. radiator/water pump failure) that the rings wouldn't recover and never seat properly again. This was due to the metal they were made from (as far as I know it was only 3VZE). Furthermore this problem was Toyota's and they had a low profile recall on the problem (V06 Campaign). Since this involved rebuilding the entire engine-they weren't exactly handing these out. With some inside help I submitted the truck for repairs and with only the cost of new gaskets, belts, and a few hoses it was fixed good as new. On one hand I was disappointed that it took the work it did to be accepted for this problem, but, I do understand the ramifications from it, and the other I was glad that they stood behind there product and made things right.

Other problems included:

Both front CV boots replaced but, could be expected with all the off-road torture.

Both doors developed blister rust around 165,000 miles.

Minor electrical quirks-A/C switch; speakers crackled in and out.

The "Pleather" steering wheel cover would wick itself off on your hands when the humidity got high or when it rained heavily.

Biggest gripe is that Toyota parts are seriously expensive from the dealer with no other cheaper alternative.

General Comments:

Overall this was by far the coolest truck! It always started every time and never got stuck.

Everything inside worked-the controls, cruise, levers, knobs-all of them took the abuse.

I treated it just like the commercials show it-full throttle over rocky roads, through creek beds, sand bars, snowy roads/parking lots. It also had no problems getting air-born and landing solid (IFS).

Towed my 3500 lb. boat with ease and control with no modification.

The suspension was excellent-never moaned or groaned always kept it well lubbed; shock mounts were tucked up nicely to avoid stumps and debris; only needed sway bar bushings.

I have seen these trucks with 250, 300, 350 thousand miles still running strong.

If you are looking for a truck that you want to treat like the ones in Baja 1000, mob sand dunes, pummel creek beds, and carve snow like an Arctic Cat then Toyota is the one.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2002

13th Sep 2008, 19:07

Regarding the recall: In my opinion Toyota Motor Corp. was honorable. The head gaskets were apparently defective (wrong type?). What you have to watch out for is unscrupulous dealers. Every body I know that owned one of these trucks,& brought it in, the work was done...

These trucks are excellent, well balanced, at 100 mph in the sand, with an average monroe shock... :)

It's a 1991 built in August of 1990, seats, :) ride :) air :) reliability = never broke down til original clutch went out in 2008, it wore down to a wafer. :)

The only problem you will might encounter: are guys with Dog Rams, or Chevy Crapalanches, that are angry after 6 months of payments, only to encounter a dealer that won't fix their truck without some cash $! These guys hate Toyotas as they realize after it's too late, that an old Toyota is 10 times better than a new Dodge.

29th Sep 2009, 15:40

No doubt about it! They may be older, LMAO! That's the great part about it! An older pickup that's better than a new Crapalanche! Hey GM, do you SUCK on purpose? Or is that just an accident?