1994 Toyota 4x4 DX 2.4 22RE from North America


Very reliable. Best truck made!!!


Replaced thermostat around 60,000 miles. It gave me plenty of warning (about a month) because my temp gauge would dance around and I asked several people who all told me that it was fine. Finally it locked up, and my temp went way up, so I pulled over and had it replaced. No biggie.

I had the starter rebuilt around 80,000. It never left me stranded, but I noticed a time or two that it would click, and I had to turn the key off and back on, then it would start. I had it rebuilt as a precautionary measure.

Replaced the belts after 100,000. Normal maintenance I think.

General Comments:

Probably one of the most reliable vehicles ever made. I'm spoiled now, because I want a new 4-runner because I know it would be great quality, but I can't afford one. This truck has never let me down.

It drives, handles, and performs well. I mean, it's a 4-cyl 4x4, so don't try to drag race anybody. The power is ample. Off road is excellent. I had it stuck once, but, hey, water was flowing through the cab, so I guess it's my fault. I think if I would have switched to 4W-H it would have came out though.

Interior isn't very luxurious, but, I didn't expect that. It's a truck, not a Benz. Radio speakers are a little weak. No problem, I replaced the factory speakers with Alpines and added more behind the seat.

I highly recommend this vehicle. I don't plan to see this one any time soon.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2003

1994 Toyota 4x4 DX 4 cylinder from North America


Great truck


Starter at 100K.

Replaced valve cover gaskets twice and that's it!

General Comments:

Wish I had gotten the 6 cylinder, the 4 is poor on the highway, but off road it's fine.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2001

1994 Toyota 4x4 XtraCab 2.4-liter 22RE 4-cylinder from North America


Buy one Toyota and you will be HOOKED!!!


Parking brake keeps sticking in the winter. That's it!

General Comments:

This is one great pickup truck. It can haul a lot of stuff you wouldn't think a 4-cylinder could haul, like close to 1000 pounds of pavers for a walkway.

The Xtracab gives me extra interior storage capacity for miscellaneous items, such as groceries, as well as room for my dog.

The 4x4 traction helps me get around winters here in Utah when the snow piles up. Can't do that in our other car, my fiance's 1999.5 Volkswagen "New" Jetta, which practically scrapes the ground stock!

The 4-cylinder has some pep for being in a heavy 4x4 pickup, but for hill climbing often has to be down shifted into 3rd gear to reach the top. For this reason, I am considering a V6 Tacoma Xtra or Double Cab, or a Tundra Access Cab with the I-Force V8 (both with TRD Off-Road Package) for my next rig.

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Review Date: 1st May, 2001

13th Nov 2003, 19:03

I have owned a Ford Ranger and I have owned a Toyota along with many, many other makes and I would never own another Ranger or north American again! Talk about junk! I just sold my 1982 Toyota 4x4 with approx. 400,000 on it and it will still serve the new owner for many miles. The Ranger gave me too many headaches and on top of that it had a German engine and a Mazda transmission cause ford can't even build anything decent for themselves. Tim.

11th Jan 2006, 19:06

All I hear about those rangers is bad news... buy a toyota.

18th Aug 2007, 15:44

First of all, the Ranger is almost entirely (mechanically) identical to its Mazda counterpart the B-series truck, which ain't a bad truck. Sure it's no Toyota. I'm a big Toyota fan; great cars when well maintained. I've owned several Toyotas; very cost effective, but it's a car and from time to time you may have to repair a few things.

I'll agree most American cars have had their share problems, due largely in part to cost cutting and quality control issues.

Not all American cars are garbage; with that attitude you'll miss out on some very enjoyable, very robust rides. Pick and choose carefully; not all Fords are built alike.

I agree quality should be a constant throughout the entire family line-up of cars and not just their commercial/fleet vehicles.