1995 Toyota 4x4 from North America


I have had no other problems with the car, except the head gasket blowing


My head gasket blew at 91,000 miles.

General Comments:

There is excessive carbon buildup in the combustion chamber. The v6 in my 95 Toyota 4x4 has single over head cam. This faces the head of the combustion chamber to be flat. This is not a problem if the engine is high out put, but for a relatively low out put engine like the 3vz the inefficient design cases excessive carbon build up. This in turn can cause pre ignition or localized hot spots that cause the mating surface of the head and block to warp leading to head gasket failure.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005

2nd Apr 2005, 06:15

The '95 3.4L V6 had a recall for the head gasket. I had mine replaced free by the dealer back in 98 or 99. I don't know if the recall applied to other years/vehicles.