2007 Toyota Aurion SX6 3.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, can't wait till the new model is released


One problem; minor rattling in the front wind screen. According other Aurion owners this appears to be a common fault. Took it back the dealer, who put in foam liner. The rattle is now gone.

Some may find the semi auto slow to down change, but once you are aware of when to the down change speed / rpm it is fine.

Be care with the inside plastics, as these scratch easily.

Otherwise problem free.

General Comments:

The 200Kw engine delivers strong and progressive acceleration, with smooth turbine transmission changes through the six speed gearbox.

Fuel consumption is surprisingly good; 8.7 - 9.9 / 100km.

Handling is good. Some may find the ride a little stiff, but this particular model is the sportier version.

No button to turn off traction control (there is a work around very long winded, but it does work).

The method below works. But you need to do it each time you start the car if you want the TC off. By default it turns back on each time you start the car.


It's a bit convoluted, but I tried it and it works.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2009

2008 Toyota Aurion Sportivo SX6 3.5 V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Great sporty car


Nothing has gone wrong with this car.

Although a slight problem is a lot of blind spots from thick pillars.

General Comments:

V6 engine is smooth, and there is plenty of power to play with.

Handling is sporty and corners really well.

Interior is roomy and the seats are comfortable.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2009

2007 Toyota Aurion Prodigy 3.5 VVTi 6sp from Australia and New Zealand


Easy, relaxing drive


The transmission was jerky at first, but after the first couple of thousand km's, this has disappeared and it is now quite smooth, possibly just a matter of running it in.

No real problems so far...

General Comments:

Interior is extremely comfortable, with plenty of lumbar and neck support. Plenty of storage areas. Controls are easy to operate and takes about 30 seconds to get used to.

There is plenty of front and rear leg room.

The car is quick (0-100km/h in 7.4s, no racing car though) and is also easy to drive in day to day traffic. The tiptronic is there, but the 6 speed auto does the job just fine.

Handling is not bad for a large car, but you can feel the size of the car.

The car cruises easily on the freeway, uphills even when full of gear - torque is not a problem.

One of the criticism has been that it is a FWD car competing against RWDs. This is not really an issue unless unless you plan to drag race, the car does come standard with traction and stability control in any case.

Fuel consumption in the city is 13L/100km and 10L/100km on the freeway.

Overall well put together vehicle, comfortable and relaxing to drive.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2007

2nd Oct 2008, 01:52

I drove the range of Aurions while working for Toyota (except the TRD version) and they were very comfortable, with a surprisingly powerful motor. Good design except for the tiptronic auto which is a shocker.