2000 Toyota Avalon XL 3.0L V6 from North America


Having lost this car, I'm very upset to have lost it: a fine automobile


The audio system's CD changer jammed and needed replacing, not necessarily common to the model.

General Comments:

The V6 engine was smooth and did whatever I needed it to; even at 85K I got punch when I needed it.

Despite the Avalon stigma of less-than-snappy handling, I found that the car handled well and responsibly. With a good set of tires, it kept the road nicely. I experienced understeer only a few times, even on wet roads, and never in an avoidance maneuver.

The suspension on the trim is a little softer than I'd prefer, and the car tended to bottom out on wavy roadways.

The interior is quiet and extremely roomy; rear-seat passengers appreciated the interior. The trunk is huge.

Mileage averaged to 20 in mixed driving, but reached 30+ in highway cruising.

The car was totaled in a near head-on collision, but did its job safety-wise: the front crumpled and destroyed everything up to the engine, but the cabin was undamaged and all the occupants were uninjured.

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Review Date: 26th May, 2008

3rd Nov 2008, 11:28

Sorry to hear about the accident : (.

2000 Toyota Avalon XL 3.0 V6 from North America


Toyota's $25,000 Lexus


Front brake rotors were turned with the pads replaced at 60K.

Battery went dead at 30K

The O.E. Dunlap tires were pieces of junk, they started riding bad at 10K, and wore out at 25K.

Other than the tires, this car has been rock solid reliable.

General Comments:

This car is the $25,000 Lexus. It has more space and a bigger trunk than the ES 300. Mine didn't come any options (no leather, woodgrain, sunroof, etc.) but it rides nicely and the lack of road noise is simply amazing. Just like a Lexus. The back seat and trunk in this car are vast, great for trips. All of the parts of the interior are top notch, and are holding up well.

The styling is very nice, with the jewel headlights and the wedge shape. It looks like a Mercedes or Lexus from certain angles.

Performance is the biggest letdown. The handling is competent, but acceleration is pathetic. The engine has Variable Valve Timing, dual camshafts, and all that other great techno stuff, but the old push rod V-6 in my 91 Regal was a lot faster.

At least all that techno stuff helps with gas mileage, 23 city/28 Highway.

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Review Date: 24th September, 2003

9th Aug 2006, 13:02

Hi, I'm a college freshman and got this very nice pearl white 2000 Toyota Avalon XL for my first car.

If you would like a new driver's opinion, this car is very wide, wider than my dad's Jeep Cherokee so it gets a little tricky to slide in parking spaces sometimes.

I also got the basic interior, none of that leather/woodgrain or sunroof deal. My Avalon ran about 55K with few mechanical problems.

Some of the positives about this car...

Good Handling

Low Maintenance

Good Looking ;)

Decent Gas Mileage

Huge Space (tradeoff for wideness)

Huge Trunk.

Some of the negatives about this car...

(Some are fixable I know)

The headlights aren't really pointing ahead so lighting is dim.

Rattling noises from the center console.

The sidings in the trunk comes off, exposing taillight wiring.

Digital Odometer

No Compass

And my favorite! -When you open the trunk, the car doors will automatically lock and alarm will set in 20 seconds. Don't leave your keys inside the car when you are opening the trunk!

Besides all that, this is my first car, and I love it.

16th Apr 2010, 00:06

My friend's late grandfather had an '01 Avalon XLS, which DID have the leather & wood and all the fancy stuff (except navigation which Grampa declined). I'm 6'3" and riding in that rear seat I was VERY comfortable with more space then in my dad's 03 Acura TL. It WAS just like riding a Lexus, and the interior materials were of the highest quality. If I had the money I'd get an Avalon for myself.

And I gotta say again the XLS interior was SO nice, I cannot imagine that same car having cloth seats..