2013 Toyota Avalon Limited V6 from North America


Reliability, not luxury


1) Headliner dropped down.

2) Motor on rear shade malfunctioned.

3) Terrible glare from the dash/windshield.

4) Paint chipping on hood (with minimal highway driving).

General Comments:

Purchased the 2013 Avalon Limited new to replace my gas guzzling 2011 Toyota Tundra. I was impressed by its sleek styling and sporty looks. I have purchased 5 brand new Toyotas since 2006 (2 4Runners and 2 Tundras + the Avalon), so I am very accustomed to the brand. First off the positives.

1) Excellent fuel economy all city driving = average 24 MPG.

2) HD navigation is wonderful.

3) Toyota's traction control and safety features are a step above.

4) Very responsive steering and acceleration.

The Avalon looks very attractive, and let's face it, it's a Toyota, so why am I driving a Chevy now?!?

First of all the Avalon is masquerading around as if it's a 'full sized' or close to it; well in fact it feels small than my old 1997 Camry. The quality of the leather is nice, but the seats are stiff. I'm 5'6 120lbs, so I'm pretty comfortable in the Avalon, but my husband is 6' 220lbs and he gets all kinds of aches after driving this vehicle for an extended period of time. When he and I are in the car together, it feels a bit claustrophobic (elbows bumping on center console etcetera). My three children feel the rear seating is too cramped for all three riding, though they like the rear heated seats. This car is a hard fit for a family of 5. Below is the rest of the negative feedback I have.

1) My headliner was dropping down and it took a year for Toyota to decide to replace it (a $40,000 car looking like $200 Pinto for the entire time Toyota denied me a fix).

2) The sunshade rear kept getting stuck halfway open - Toyota replaced the motor.

3) Twice my trunk got stuck open at the airport, because luggage pushed on the side of trunk. Had to pull the trim back and force it (after a 12 hour plane ride).

4) Very distracting glare from the dashboard and chrome inlays.

5) Worst of all, through all my troubles, and being a loyal customer, I felt I was 'brushed' aside by Toyota when it came to my complaints.

Touted as Toyota's luxury sedan, I was very disappointed. The 2013 Avalon is nothing but a spruced up Camry. Some of my neighbors are long time Avalon owners, and even they cannot believe how much quality has been lost in creating this new body style. The car feels like they raced too fast to production. If you are dead set on buying Toyota, save your money and go for the Camry, or do what I did and go test drive a new Impala and wonder; Whatever happened to Toyota?

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 17th August, 2014