2018 Toyota Avalon Limited 3.5 liter V6 from North America




Cruise Control:

1. "Set" the cruise control to 35 mph (freeway construction zone).

Accelerate (with the foot accelerator) to 70 mph after the construction zone (do not change the cruise control while accelerating).

Set the cruise control.

The car hits the brakes and slows to 35 mph. This could lead to multiple rear end collisions.

2. "Set" the cruise control to 55 mph.

When traveling down a gradual slope … the car brakes for a second … then accelerates for a second … then brakes for a second … then accelerates for a second. The transmission shifts gears.

(The steepness of the slope may modify the times).

The tachometer jumps up and down every second. It is a jerky ride. Kills gas mileage.

3. On a trip, the cruise control stopped working. There was a warning light with a message that the cruise control is not available. Later, the cruise control starts work again.

4. On a long trip, the tach showed 3,000 RPM at 70 mph. Canceling the cruise control, and restarting cruise control, did not make a difference. A few hours later it was back at 2,000 RPM.


5. The lane marking departure warning stopped working. When drifting from a lane, there is no warning anymore.

6. a) The door is opened, the engine is running, there is no warning sound.

6. b) The door is opened, then the engine is shut off, there is a warning sound.

Normally a warning sound indicates something else is wrong. In this case, there is nothing wrong.


7. The gas gauge light is dim. Can barely see during the day.

8. The A/C On / Off light … Auto light … cruise control … etc. … are dim. Can barely see during the day.

9. There are no knobs (only touch screen buttons) to change the heater / air conditioner. The driver must take eyes off of the road to adjust the temperature.

10. Must take off gloves to change the heater / air conditioner.


11. The headlights, in the auto mode, jump from high beam to low beam every few seconds … even when it is midnight … and there are no other cars on the road.

I suspect it is the reflectors on the side of the road.

Fog Lights:

12. There are no fog lights.


13. The passenger side rear seat door speaker has a distorted sound … the dealer plans to replace.

14. The key fob does not always work to open the trunk.

General Comments:

We've owned multiple Avalons for almost two decades ... with zero problems. The 2018 Avalon is the opposite.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2018

6th Jan 2018, 03:18

You based your review on a couple of things you don’t like about it, and don’t even mention how the Avalon performs, nor other aspects of it.

7th Jan 2018, 02:46

Good day!

It sucks to see that you’re having issues, especially since your previous Avalons have been great.

I would just like to bring up that comment 6a &6b are normal operations. With the engine running, you should only have a door open light. With the engine off, you get the sound to remind you to take your key. At least that’s how I’ve had it in every vehicle I’ve owned.

It also seems to me that your cruise control is malfunctioning and your dealer had better inspect and replace all faulty parts while still under warranty.

As for your high beams, it seems that the sensor is picking up on something that’s not there. This also is more than likely faulty and should be done under warranty.

As for your lack of knobs and dim lights on certain parts, welcome to the future LOL. Most brand new cars have the same issues. It’s sad really. It seems like we’re going backwards in some instances. Why fix what isn’t broken?

Best of luck with your car!