21st Jun 2006, 08:56

I purchased a Toyota avalon xls, in mid November 2005 and all ready there are at least 18 to twenty something places where paint has chipped away along the front of the hood area.. I think the paint on this car is to thin of a layer.I'm going back to the dealership and talk to several managers to see what can be done to have my hood repainted with a heavier coat of paint.

21st Oct 2006, 18:40

I've owner a 2000 XL with all the goodies (roof, leather, JBL) since new, now have some 87,000 on the clock.

Repairs? 1 - "Mass Air Flow" sensor, and my fault - cheap after-market air filter did not fit perfectly & let some crud past -- fouled the sensor.

Gas mileage consistent at 22-23 City, 27-28 Highway, with one long trip posting 31 mpg!

This has been a wonderful car, a little pudgy/ugly I have to say, but a great performer, especially with the Michlein tires I fitted at about 39,000.

The OEM Bridgestones were fair at best, the Michlein's at over 47,000 miles still look good for another 20,000 perhaps. Brakes lasted to 52,000 - longest wear I've ever gotten with brakes of all the 14 cars I've owned. 90,000 mile timing belt change coming up, and at the rate things are going, this now almost 7 year old car looks like it might not leave my hands before 120k or if / as / when Hybrids drop their excessive initial cost.

Right now, I'm looking for a used convertible as 2nd car & toy; with the reliability & low expense the two Toyotas I've owned have exihbited, I am hard pressed to figure out why not to buy a Solara Convertible... in fact, I think I will.

1st Jan 2007, 21:09

Lots of things to like about our 2000 Avalon XLS, but there are problems like:

1. New rear wheel bearing at 50,000 miles. Why?

2. I allowed the Toyota dealer to recommend and install high performance Goodyear tires at 30,000 miles which has caused nothing but problems.

3. The car needed a simple wheel balance recently, but a Goodyear dealer and a Toyota dealer could not get them balanced correctly. A small independent shop finally did.

4. The car started running rough at 70,000 miles and it ended up being the fuel injector on the 5th cylinder. We fixed it but it cost alot.

Modern cars are too expensive to repair with all of the gadgets involved so we will only buy certified used cars from now on. And probably not an Avalon again.