12th May 2002, 15:51

I bought an ex-demonstrator Diesel D4D Avensis Verso last Christmas and have found it reliable, economical, practical and most surprisingly, fun. Yes, fun in an MPV!

The diesel unit has plenty of whoomph and remains frugal.

The handling is enjoyable and predictable.

Which were bonuses for me, as really I went for the Toyota because of its quality and reliability, and have thoroughly enjoyed my first six months of ownership.

30th Sep 2002, 10:24

I am considering to buy the Avensis Verso in Singapore, though it's call the Picnic here. Your review had been very helpful. However, I am tossing the choice between this car or the Honda Odessy or the Hyundai Trajet.

8th Oct 2002, 07:00

An update on my original review:

Now 11,000 miles done and still gets an overall good. Problems that have happened? Cracked windscreen whilst in France. Impossible to replace as RHD screen is different from LHD screen. Have had work done now that I have returned to UK. Distorted front brake disks also needed replacing.

Driving position, though generally very good, does get a bit sore on the right foot on a long journey. I think it's because you don't stretch your leg out far enough (i.e. it's a more upright position). My last few cars had cruise control. I miss that now!

Interior is proving to be extremely tough (my family is a good test of these things!) Only problem has been the mechanism on one of the seat bases breaking. Toyota replaced this.

Car is doing sterling service for us and I don't expect to be replacing it for some years yet.

10th Jan 2003, 05:18

My Avensis Verso began smoothly, but after 5,000 miles it appears to have developed minor problems. The front brakes make strange noises when applied, and the windows rattle over rough surfaces, regardless open or not.

However this does not over-shadow the fact that it is still a good MPV that is worthy of its money.

23rd May 2003, 16:50

I have now put 7000 miles up on my Toyota Avensis verso (Over Irish pot holes) and it's still holding up well. I find also strange noises from the front brakes.

I bought the "Sol" level of trim and for 39,000 euro (The price of a nice BMW, Toyota should have put a bit more effort in. Perhaps they will follow the lead of the 2003 Avensis Saloon car. I cannot complain about the car, it's rock solid.

9th Sep 2004, 06:39

About time I gave an update on things. The car is now getting on for 3 years old and has done 35,000 miles. Reliability has still been perfect. The only problem we had was a seat base breaking when I attempted to install it incorrectly.

Interior of the car has held up remarkably well considering the abuse it gets. We did 2,700 miles across Europe during the Summer. Only gripes were 27mpg (auto and fast motorways) and lack of power on long motorway inclines (we were fully loaded). Still also find it uncomfortable on long journeys due to the van-like driving position. Best solution seems to be to set seat to lowest height.

We have still never had to top up oil (just gets replaced once a year). Satnav is still our best friend though we could do with an updated disk (as some new roads aren't on it).

The car might be pig ugly, but it is still our best friend.

25th Feb 2006, 14:07

I have owned an avensis verso for 3 years. I love it!! It comfortably holds my four children and two dogs, and all that goes with them. It is a smooth drive, comfortable, and with regards to the third row seats, I've had adults sit there with no complaints and the boot holds a lot more than it looks like it should. Visibility from the cabin is good, parking is no problem. There has been one recall for a fuel-line cable replacement and a problem with distorted brakes, which were replaced at Toyota's expense. I had a head-on crash a couple of years ago at 50mph and walked away with just seat-belt injuries. My only real complaint is that there is nowhere to rest your left leg on motorway journeys, so it has to hover over the clutch pedal. I drive the manual GLS version.

8th Jun 2009, 05:44

We own a Avensis Verso, production year 2002, 2.0L diesel. After 2 years of usage there were some problems with smoothness of the engine running, turbo was replaced under warranty.

After 3 years the car begun to stop the engine during the drive, on 4 and 5 speed gear, on certain places repeatedly, approx. 30 times in a year. We let change the electronic card, let made more than 10 engine tests, clean EGR valves. Nothing helped and it seems Toyota knows about this problem, but do not want to recognize it. All changed parts were charged to us, but they were changed senseless. Brakes are also a "bug" of this car.

Otherwise - a nice car with plenty of room, comfortable, nice low fuel consumption. But it is a time bomb, because it happened more times that the engine stopped exactly during overtaking a slower car. "Face to face" with a truck driving in the reversed direction. Happy feeling...

My kindest regards to Toyota, who recommended us to sell this car and to purchase a new one! An interesting way, how to resolve a serious and dangerous problem.