2010 Toyota Camry LE 6 from North America


I am concerned there are no more issues


My driver side seat-belt got stuck on 2 separate occasions, within a 2 week period.

It took about 2-3 minutes before I could get it to unlock.

I took it in to the dealer. He said he would check it, but if he could not duplicate the problem, he could not repair, or replace it.

He said I should drive immediately to the dealership if it happened again.

He did change the seatbelt, but only after I made a big deal.

I don't think I would buy another Toyota, especially after the issue with the recalls.

This is my 3rd Toyota, I have seen the quality deteriorate.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2010

2010 Toyota Camry XLE 2.5 4 cyl from North America


My fourth and last Toyota. Never thought I would say this, but I plan to purchase American next time


This is my fourth Camry, I have enjoyed the last three with few problems, however from day one with my new top of the line 2010 XLE I have been totally dissatisfied.

The transmission shifts all the time electronically. I called the dealer and was told this is the same on all new Camrys, it's called ECTi and it just takes getting used to. This is the worst transmission feel I have ever driven. Wish I drove it more when first testing.

Now the gas pedal recall; what next?

General Comments:

The car handles OK past 40mph, however at 35 mph and below, the transmission is horrible, constantly shifting, causing the vehicle to have a drag feeling.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2010

3rd Feb 2010, 19:20

Toyota's are inherently unsafe... all my friends have who own Toyotas have had nothing but problems. Even the unabashedly pro-Japanese publication Consumer Reports has pulled their recommendation!

9th Feb 2010, 19:38

I am not a Toyota fan, and I will never be one. That said, I will say if you like that brand, don't give up on them so quick. I mean I was an Oldsmobile fan for years, and then I bought a 1994 Cutlass Ciera S which was a big pile of junk; the only good thing about it was the motor and trans, which were rock solid - the car around it fell apart. But my two Oldsmobile 98s were just great cars: so comfortable, smooth, quiet, electronic climate control... exct.

What I try to do is look at what features and qualities I like about every vehicle I see, drive or ride in. I started out driving nice cars, old nice cars that is, like Mercury Grand Marquis, V8 RWD Olds 98 and even an '87 Chrysler LeBaron 2.2L turbo II (174hp cylinder) so I may be a little more picky about what I drive than you. I like my cars to smooth out cracks in the road and quiet the noisy world around me as I drive home from work, or explore other states for intelligent life :-)

2010 Toyota Camry XLE 3.5L DOHC V6 from North America


Worst car I have ever owned


Constantly hearing an assortment of vibrations, squeaks, and rattles from interior components.

The pedals appear to have a design flaw, and don't always respond properly when pressed, preventing the car from accelerating the way you want it to.

Defogging system is the worst I've ever encountered. Takes forever to operate, and sometimes doesn't do anything at all.

General Comments:

Bought a 2010 Toyota Camry XLE V6 with pretty much every option but the navigation system. I was looking to dump my SUV for a mid-size car that I could use for commuting and managed to buy one of these for a couple thousand below the listed price.

The positives:the design is very nice on the inside and out. I particularly like the combination of wood and metal trim in the XLE. The car is also very fast (surprisingly fast) with the V6, too bad the transmission is constantly in the wrong gear though!

For the most part, I'm convinced that the car is a piece of garbage. It looks nice inside and out but honestly drives terribly. The XLE the highest trim level and is supposed to have the smoothest ride, but I've experienced nothing but choppiness. Whatever suspension they're using for this car is very cheap. I feel every groove in the road.

Want steering feel? Not in this car, it's totally non communicative. In fact if I drive it with only one hand, it wobbles all over the place as if it doesn't have power steering. I'm convinced that my Jeep had better handling than this almost fully-loaded Camry. Wish I had noticed all of this during the test drive.

As for right now, I'm afraid to even drive the car because of the sticking pedal issue, it's getting worse. I never expected that a car could have problems with the pedals. Looks like I'll be trading it in very soon (if I can).

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2009

23rd Nov 2009, 10:57

Take it back to the dealership and complain about the pedals. When you're in the original warranty period, they'll fix almost anything. Toyota service is the best I've dealt with, from personal experience.

23rd Nov 2009, 13:27

I guess you should have noticed this stuff on the test drive.

I'm almost certain the Fordpublicans will be telling you that you should have bought a Fusion, but I still think Toyota makes some very fine automobiles (while Ford apparently makes one).