2013 Toyota Camry V 2.5 gasoline from Philippines


A sedan that has the 5 star hotel feel!


We discovered a scratch on the right rear window of the car 3 days after we purchased it. It accidentally happened during the installation of the tint.

Just the usual PMS every 5000 km at the Toyota dealer

General Comments:

We got this car as a replacement for our old 1999 Mitsubishi Galant, which we'd had for 13 years (up to late 2012), and ever since then we have been satisfied with the car.

Performance of this car is excellent! This car is mated with a 2.5 engine, and the pick-up and the response are very good. Passing through a nice stretch of road, Skyway on-ramp, or flyover is effortless and without struggle. This car is fun to drive on the expressways and country roads, but not in the notorious traffic jams of Metro Manila. Unlike our other Camry, a 2004 model, it has a 2.0 engine and it requires effort to experience the performance of the car.

This is the most comfortable car we have ever had. Leg room at the back is wide and spacious, and it's great for relaxing. It also has reclining seats and even has sunshades at the rear windshield and at the rear windows. It is not just relaxing, but also comfortable and luxurious. You’ll really feel that you are in a boardroom of a big company or a luxury hotel like Manila Peninsula. The air-conditioning of this car is excellent! Just put it at the lowest fan speed and you will feel lots of cold air.

I just don’t like too much the radio of this car. I wish it had an LED screen that comes with Bluetooth and GPS. It is only available in the top of the line 3.5 model. At least there's iPod connectivity.

We really like this car! Even though this car has only been with us for 15 months, it has served us very well and it will last with us for at least another 10 to 15 years. Whenever relatives or friends would ride in this car, they feel comfortable and enjoy the ride to wherever we go. Beautiful girls in school love it because they say the car is nice to look and ride in. In the school that I go to, there are many nice cars that park in the parking lot, and I’m one of them. This car has been to numerous special occasions like weddings. Taking this car to exclusive places such as posh hotels or just the shopping mall is a pleasure.

The after sales service of the car is very good. Doing the annual PMS at the Toyota dealer is excellent and efficient. We even received free coffee while waiting.

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2014

8th Sep 2014, 16:18

In the USA, these aren't compared to luxury resorts or boardrooms. They are considered ordinary, boring cars. At school, people would think you are boring. They are great cars - the engines are very durable - but we consider it one of the most dull, boring and ordinary cars around.

9th Sep 2014, 19:43

USA-manufactured Camrys are seen locally as practically utilitarian. In many places around the world, the Camry is a big car, often plushly trimmed. In these places where traffic can be downright insane, the Camry is a luxury car - the space, the seat comfort, even the quietness inside. At a certain point and time, maybe 10-15 years ago, I remember reading that the Camry was sold in the UK for GBP22,000 - about the same as getting a baseline 5-series BMW or Audi A6. Of course, no-one would pay that money for a Camry only to get reliability.

24th Sep 2014, 11:54

The Camry here in NZ is a taxi. Not a very respectable car. Every Tom and Harry has one. Reliable, but just a big size Corolla with bigger engine.

19th Jun 2015, 05:45

In Fiji the Camry is a luxury car and very reliable. It is one of the most sought after cars because of its reliability. It might be a boring car, but if you want a car that will last for generations and will never miss a beat, then buy a Toyota.

In Fiji they have introduced Chevrolet and Jeep; by the way the 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee had the worst slalom test ever in an SUV, which is why they had to tell the engineers to go back to the drawing board calling for the updated Grand Cherokee. Anyways, since the introduction of those two famous car brands, it has not even affected Toyota or other boring car brands' sales, due to the fact that we don't go for the looks or the feel good factor, but it's the reliability that America I don't think can ever match.