6th Dec 2010, 21:14

You hit the bulls eye with that one my friend. Give me a real car such as a Lincoln Town Car or Caprice. Not force me to drive an appliance and lower my standards. I am twenty two, and have owned nothing but fine cars ranging from Fifth Avenues to Crown Victoria's and Grand Marquis to an early nineties 300E Benz, and hopefully my list continues its silky ride with the adding of an 07' Town Car, the last year for the in-dash LCD's. Fine motoring to you fellow yachters.

Continue to have milk and honey journeys for many, many years to come!

22nd Apr 2011, 10:30

We have several Camrys as work cars. Not only do I have to drive them, my employers won't even supply me with a bag to wear over my head while I'm driving it. My friends have seen me in one! I'm getting the Union onto it.

The interior quality is reprehensible. If you jiggle the heater/aircon controls, they move about a centimetre either side. The 2.4 engine is hopeless (and 30KW/ 40HP short of the 2.4 in the Accord Euro). Also, if you are a 6ft 3inch beanpole like I am, the driving position is hopeless. I test drove one the last time I was car shopping (had some sort of brain fart). Funnily enough, like the two gentlemen who posted above, I'm in a big, fast and comfortable 6cyl Holden Commodore. I don't care if the fuel costs are shocking.

Interestingly, the Camry isn't on sale in Ireland or Britain anymore (I'm an Irish immigrant to Australia). There, they have the vastly superior Avensis. Why don't they sell it in Australia or the U.S?

26th Apr 2011, 02:10

To the last commenter. I'm an European having spent a lot of time in the US. I think the Camry is OK, having driven this car a lot, especially the new V6 version that goes like a rocket. But I agree that it has fit and finish far below the Avensis, and it is about the same size (maybe the Camry is somewhat larger then the Avensis sedan). But the fit and finish on the Camry isn't any poorer than the competition in the US, so I feel this argument is somewhat unfair.

Remember that the entry level Camry is comparably cheaper than the Avensis. Even if you subtract the VAT, the Camry is at least 20% cheaper than the Avensis.