4th Apr 2005, 01:09

I also own a 99 Camry with nearly 118,000 miles on it and I haven't had anything wrong with it except brakes and stuff like that. I hate hearing all the comments that are negative because mine rocks. Every 3-5 thousand miles the engines oil has been changed with Castrol gtx. It used to smoke a tiny amount on start up, but now it dosnt. I am very pleased with the feel of the car. It feels as if I am in a luxury car. My Uncles Chrysler concord rides worse and feels more cheap although the higher price. My parents bought a 2004 Camry with ABS upgraded JBL speakers and spoiler for 18,231 that's a steal.

18th Apr 2005, 23:05

I have a 1998 Camry LE, 4 Cylinder. I've had a problem with the ratting in the front of the car and had all my struts replaced. That didn't solve the problem, so I took it to several garages and Sears said the squeaky struts everyone is talking about is actually a faulty STRUT MOUNT. I got both of mine (both front strut mounts) replaced at Sears Automotive for about 90 bucks each (0.5 hours labor, 40 for the part). Just doing the strut mount should do the trick. Also, speaking of timing belts, I have 98k on my car on the ORIGINAL belt. Being a non-interference belt, I think I'll ride mine out till about 110k or so. The dealer here has a coupon to replace the timing belt for 199.95++. That's a deal!

29th Aug 2005, 09:59

I have a 1999 Camry LE that I bought from the dealer used. I am assuming that the timing belt has not been changed and it broke on me yesterday at 133,000 miles. Its true that the car died and no serious engine damage was done. I did hear a rattling noise on the passenger side for a while (a couple months, really *insert embarrassed face here*) prior to it breaking and the check engine light came on once, but went off after about two days.

Next time I will know not to be so lax in getting the rattles checked out.

26th Oct 2005, 13:55

I have a 2001 Camry and 95000 miles, original belts, and runs fine timing belt change is on the way. The car rides really nice and has had no problems except a couple dash lights. Very pleased with the toyota, I use to drive Volkswagens so you can imagine the step up in a Camry as far as being reliable. I also work at a Toyota dealership and the techs tell me to do the water pump as well as the timing belt and the two drive belts. and also keep up on the trans change at 30000 miles.

2nd Jun 2006, 14:55

I had a 1990 Toyota Camry with a four cylinder engine and I got almost 300,000 km out of the car. The timing belt snapped and although no engine damage was done, I decided to not spend the money to fix since I had another car available. That was the most reliable car I ever owned and I never did anything to it except regular oil changes and maintenance. I only hope this current car I drive will be as reliable.

30th Jul 2006, 06:40

Please help.

I have spent a lot of money trying to fix this problem. The car is giving 10 mpg on the highway with the air conditioner on. I have tuned up the car, changed the timing belt etc. but the problem still persists. My mechanic suggested to buy a fuel injector kit. Will this fix the problem or make it better? Should I look for other problems with the car?

The mechanic connected the car to the computer and the result was that it needed service, but everything is new from the dealer (cables, spark plugs, filter etc.).

The car is V4 with 112,000 miles.

Please help.

20th Aug 2006, 19:53

2001 V6 Camry w/70k miles. I got the car 4 months ago. Beautiful car except that has bends with the turns problems and upsetting/unsafe rebonds after any bumps. In order to feel safe and avoid this I need to drive 5-10 mph under the legal speed limit in these curves/road bumps. Should I have changed struts/shocks and/or the mounts? There are different struts types (rigid maybe)?? The car is like a dream and if I got this problem fixed I'll be the happiest man ever. Thank very much for helping.

11th Apr 2007, 22:11

I own a 2001 Camry and just today my car was making a loud raddling noise, happens to be my timing belt snapped while driving into my mechanics garage. I have noticed that some people say that it's a interference engine and others say it's a non-interference. Does anyone know what mine is I believe I have the V6. Any help would be great!

27th Jun 2007, 13:14

I own a 99 Camry that I bought used. The timing belt went at 90k (the recommended maintenance time) and the car died on the highway. No engine damage. T-belts are only about $40. but I also replaced water pump and did plugs and wires while the mechanic had it apart. I live in MA so I think hot summers and cold winters caused the rubber belt to die a little early. inconvenient, but again it doesn't kill the engine.

13th Aug 2007, 16:08

Our '99 Camry has 112,642 miles and counting. There is zero credibility in the original post that the timing-belt broke and the engine had to be replaced. The engine in the Camry is not an interference engine and (unlike an Accord) even if a timing-belt breaks, there is no permanent engine damage.

Don't pay attention to the original posting. I believe the owner has the Camry confused with something utterly different.

99 Camry is a dependable and reliable car. We are planning on replacing the car's original belt at 120,000 miles for the very first time, which far exceeds the recommended interval.

14th Aug 2007, 16:00

I HEARD that you can damage a non-interference engine if you are operating it a extremely high RPMs. If so, perhaps he was abusing it?

3rd Nov 2007, 08:31

The timing belt on my 1991 Camry broke at 150,000 miles while I was driving on a highway at a speed of 70, the car came to a abrupt stop, but the engine was not damaged.

My 1968 Impala was a great car, the small v-8 was a great car. The 1985 Celebrity I bought brand new was nothing, but trouble starting from 900 miles on. My 1981 K-car (bought it brand new) was also a junk similar to the Celebrity, the K-car broke down on highway many times on me, the head blown after a free oil change done at a dealership.

My 1993 Villager is a great car, I bought it brand new and it has 111,000 miles on it now and still run like a new car. The only thing that is "wrong" with this car is the brake pads, they don't last very long.

My 1997 Subaru which I bought brand new is a great car with the exception that the engine seals broke on me at 55,000 mile and cost me $1,500 to replace the timing belt, water pump, and the engine seals (all the way around the engine was leaking).

My 1999 Camry which I bought used at 27,000 miles is now around 70,000 miles. The check engine light came on a few times, but it went off and has not come back up for a while. It is a great car. I am happy to learn that the timing belt is not due for replacement for a while yet.

I have also owned the following cars:

1. Galaxy 500 from Ford, it was a good car.

2. Dasher from VW, it was a great car, the engine was good as new at 100,000 miles, but the body was completely gone.

2. GTI from VW which I bought it brand new. It was the car I had the most fun with, it is a pure joy to drive that car.

3. 1968 Mustang, yes, it was a classic and I wish I kept it. I love that car, but the engine leaked oil and was blown during a long trip where the oil ran out on me.

4. Cricket from GB, it was a junk.

5. VW Beetle, it is just a transportation, nothing more.

I think I will give Honda a try next.

I do not share the same point of view as the original poster.