2nd Oct 2004, 21:40

Me again...

Just had the automatic gearbox replaced. Cost me around $1900AUD. My mechanic ripped me off with this. He said the box would cost $900. Then when he came back with the box he said it was $990. I foolishly asked him "So that price included 10% GST?", and he looked in the air, thought for a second and said "No". So he went and charged me another $99 on top of the $90 he was ripping me off of the box. How do I know this? I found a receipt for the gearbox in his van and it said cash paid for gearbox $900.

They say stick with the same mechanic -I disagree. When your mechanic starts doing things like this to you then it is time to look elsewhere. I have since found another mechanic and he doesn't stuff around. I always get a straight answer out of him and he is cheap (and professional)!

13th Jan 2007, 17:48

Hi, yes in hindsight it looks like I got ripped off with this car, I should have realized that the previous owner was a hot head who hooned the sh*t out of this car (he had bought himself a V8 after this car). I still got myself a relatively decent vehicle, it is now very reliable. It does not burn much oil at all and holds it's coolant. It is worth spending a bit of money on these Camry's.

19th Aug 2007, 06:58

Hi, it's me again. I have just gone out and foolishly bought the next gen Camry (1997 CSi) which is also a 4 cylinder auto with fairly low km's. Tell you what, I prefer the drive of my 93 Camry (which I still have) to the newer car! The new car feels underpowered, and the build feels cheap. I was thinking of getting rid of the 97 Camry and getting a 93-96 model wagon! Maybe even a V6, but V6 Camry wagons are VERY hard to find 2nd hand...

7th Dec 2010, 02:48

Yikes! Sounds like he really roughed it up. Reliable beasts, Camrys are, though. Wish I had enough money to get my parents' fixed up nicely. :) But I suppose it's not in too sorry of shape. Paint's not peeling for me, however the dashboard got awful when I lived in Florida down here in the states. Guess it didn't like the sunshine state. :P.