15th Aug 2007, 10:41

In reference to the accelerator lag: My friend's 2003 Solara has the very same problem! He was told that the car is not wire-driven and that there is nothing they can do to fix it. However, I just bought a 2003 Camry LE and do not have the accelerator lag like my friend's Solara. I also have a drifting problem. I took the car to the dealer, and they said the alignment was off slightly and made adjustments. This seems to have done the trick, but time will tell.

25th Jun 2008, 10:10

I've recently purchased a 2003 Camry XLE, 69K miles. It's been driving perfectly on the highway, no pulling whatsoever.

I drive with cruise control and only have to 'lightly' hold on to the steering wheel, on the long highway trips. I've been very pleased with my purchase! The check engine light did come on, the problem was the catalytic converter, which they replaced under the 90-day/3000 miles warranty. They say the catalytic converters DO need replacing at some point. I'm glad it happened under warranty!

8th Aug 2008, 17:30

I have a 2003 Camry with 81,000 miles. It still pulls to the left as it did when I bought it new. My experience with Toyota service was positive. They tried many many things to fix back in 2004. But months of trials and alignments, balancing, rotating, new tires etc. did not help. I am ready for my third set of tires and can only keep the tread wear even with frequent rotations.

I have had the big buck Firestones and the Bridgestone Potenzas. I don't think tire quality is the issue.

I took particular interest in the previous comment about a service bulletin relating to the springs, since that is one thing we did not try.

The rest of the car is great enough that I live with the constant pressure on the steering, but if I'm not attentive it will change lanes in a heart beat. Would love it to drive like my wifes 2001 and the other 4 Camrys I've had.

9th Aug 2008, 13:32

We test drove a brand new 2003 Toyota Highlander (a Camry with a boxy body) off a dealer's lot in 2003. It also pulled violently to the left when the brakes were applied, had interior trim falling off (literally) and was so underpowered (with the V-6 at that) that it was scary trying to merge onto a freeway. My wife was terrified of the violent lurching and lack of power.

We ran as fast as we could to GM and bought a 2003 Envoy. At 70,000 miles it is flawless, has never had a single repair, has the original brake pads and Michelin tires and gets 24mpg on the highway. We're GM fans from now on. Our 3 imports could not begin to compare with newer GM vehicles.