14th Mar 2008, 09:46

I love it. This is a typical example of the double standard Japanese car lovers have.

Of course all cars are man made machines and will all break sooner or later. But, if it happens to a Japanese car, the car gets a pass and it is considered normal, while if it the same exact thing happened to an American vehicle, the person will be cursing all American cars.

Toyota's do not break later rather than sooner, and the problems they do experience are not things that you can just shrug off. Take a look at the reviews on this site. Take a look at the all of the complaints against Toyota documented at Consumer affairs:


We're not talking about complaints for minor things here; we're talking about complete engine failures at less than 50,000 miles. If Toyota's break later rather than sooner, why is even Consumer Reports not even recommending several Toyota models anymore?

In all of my years of driving American made vehicles, the worst thing I ever had to contend with was an alternator on one vehicle, a water pump on another and the oxygen sensor on a few of them (and the oxygen sensor is arguably a wear item anyway). They just simply did not have any other problems, much less any of the types of problems Toyota's have.

16th Mar 2008, 21:27

First of all, the Honda reviews are far better than Toyota. The Camry has the worst reviews on here. Even the Yugo models that were sold in America during the late 80's have much better reviews than the Camry.

The current batch of imports (ALL imports) is so far below the quality of Ford and GM that there is no comparison. The Germans and Japanese have totally dropped the ball on quality and reliability. The exception to the rule is once underdog Hyundai. They currently build some of the world's best cars and are ranked far ahead of Toyota.