2nd Mar 2007, 15:57

Update on 15.18.

Just wanted to let you folks know what vehicle my wife decided to purchase. With careful deliberation and countless test drives she's decided on a Ford 500 (Taurus).

This, was right out of left field, I didn't even know she test drove one until the other night when she asked me to go to the dealership with her and help with the purchase.

Why a Ford 500 (Taurus) you ask? Well I think it was because of the color choices and the fact it was all wheel drive. I would never in a million years consider this car, but she really likes it. It is a big car, rides nice and she likes the interior. I don't like it, but what I think, doesn't matter.

What can I say, we drove a Camry, Accord, Impala, Legacy, etc and she buys a Ford. Oh the shame of it all!

2nd Mar 2007, 20:19

To comment 15:57.

Your wife will probably be very happy with the Ford 500. It is a very well built car, and has a much higher level of build quality than Camry (the newer, less reliable ones). Although I find the styling of the 500 almost as bland as the Camry (no offense, we all have different tastes) I know the drive train is very solid and reliable. We've driven Fords for many years now, including one that went well beyond 300,000 miles with nothing but routine maintenance. Our only complaint has been dealer service (which is the second worst in our area, Toyota and Dodge being tied for worst). Fortunately NONE of our Fords has ever had a problem so I just do all my own servicing and avoid the dealership like the plague after I buy the car.

3rd Mar 2007, 14:22

20:19 ONCE AGAIN, you can't call a car both 'newer' AND 'less reliable', as reliability is a measure of performance over time. Common sense should tell you this. All previous Camry's were absolutely reliable, and there is no indication that the new ones will not be also. No, I don't to hear about Toyota recalls again. The motors and drivetrain are just as rocksolid as they always were, and the recall issues are being handled properly.

4th Mar 2007, 10:53

I really do not get what makes them cheaper. My uncle had to replace his fuel pump on his 2003 Malibu with 90,000 miles and I have never had it replaced on my 1994 Honda with 252,000 miles. That is a 800$ repair. All of my GM cars that I have owned have had fuel pumps replaced at least once before 100,000 miles. It seems the Japanese have fixed that costly experience at least... unless you slip sugar into the tank of the Honda.

4th Mar 2007, 15:34

Re: 14.22.

Oh please, don't be so sensitive. It's just a car and this is just a site where people can enlighten one another on the virtues of their particular manufacturer preferances. Don't take it to heart when others berate Toyota. You can visit other manufactures sites here and do the same to them.

4th Mar 2007, 19:46

11:40...if you have a company vehicle you are 100% unbiased. If it sucks you say so plain and simple. Think of it this way... you can choose 3 brand new cars and are the only driver. You pick one and live with it. At the end when you turn it in on its closed lease are you going to not be objective? The vehicle is a tool and essential... if its lousy and you lose income while its down you are going to complain loud and hard about it. Not defend it as if you had made a foolish mistake. I have had some that the final 6 months were agony literally worn out and yet others I hated to give up.

6th Mar 2007, 14:24

To 10.53.

You should know that the mileage appearing on a Honda odometer isn't factual. Honda admitted that they have installed bogus odometers in their vehicles that record higher mileage than actually driven. There is a class action suit, perhaps you should look into it. Shame, Shame, Shame on Honda.

6th Mar 2007, 16:58

14:24; What are you talking about? I've never heard that before. Are you saying that Honda DELIBRATELY installed speedometers that record high miles? If so, what year and models? Or did they simply install FAULTY speedo's in some? If so what year and models? That's a hell of an accusation, I'd be interested in the specifics. What is the website, or how and where did you hear about this?

6th Mar 2007, 17:38

That also means they lied about the MPG figures for the cars. Lying when it is advantageous is apparently SOP for Honda and Toyota, and maybe even other Japanese auto manufacturers. Toyota submitted faulty emissions control equipment specifications to the US government so its cars could be sold in the country. They had a settlement imposed against them too, except it was not by the ambulance chasing class action lawyers, but the federal government.

I do not have personal experience with Honda, but I know Toyota has also been having serious quality problems lately too. I have multiple friends who have had Camry's, Corollas, and Tundras that have been absolute disasters, to the point where a few of the people had to sell them and cut their losses.

The Camry and Corolla both had the emissions control problem, and the Camry even blew its engine due to a separate problem. Both of these vehicles had under 100,000 miles. The Tundra had internal valve train problems that made it tap very loudly. I am not sure what ultimately happened to that truck, only that it came and went quickly.

That is basically the record for the newer Toyotas that I have seen, at least in my neighborhood. To be honest, I really do not know anybody who has had a Toyota recently that has not had major problems. All of the problems were design related too, having nothing to do with assembly. My recent tally does not count the older Toyotas, which did seem to hold up well. But, the quality has evidently slipped dramatically since between around the early 90's and now.

7th Mar 2007, 09:56

Still waiting on the facts about the accusations against Honda and whatever models these faulty odometers are in. Come on now, if your going to take a shot at any manufacturer that way, you have to back it up with facts. What are the specifics?

7th Mar 2007, 19:32

From what I've read is Honda has a round a 3.75% error rate with its speedos. What that means is less warranty claims on their cars. This sort of annoys me since I own one of the cars in question. Now does it make me not want to buy another car from them. No. But I hope that they get hit hard for this $$$$. From the article that I read the US are pretty much dead on the mark for being accurate. See, they can do something right. I just won't buy one their cars. Sorry.

7th Mar 2007, 19:41

Yes, first they got the kids hooked on video games in the 1980's, and now when they're grown up they have been indoctrinated to the point of believing everything from Japan is better so they buy it without question. Read about the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere, and you will see what's afoot.