1983 Toyota Carina GL 2.0 diesel from Sri Lanka


Love at first sight


Engine overheating with A/C on idling in traffic.

Alternator failed at 150000km.

Exhaust rattles when turning off engine.

Prop shaft rear universal joint replaced at 174000km.

Rear wheel bearings and oil seals replaced at 180000km.

Clutch master cylinder re-sleeved. Slave cylinder repaired at 210000km.

Brake master cylinder repaired due to oil leaking at 220000km.

Power steering pressure hose to steering rack leaked and was replaced.

Diesel tank vacuuming causing it to implode.

Had an intermittent stalling problem, which was traced to the main wring harness.

General Comments:

I have had only one brake down with this car ever, and was due to the battery failing.

Very reliable, comfortable and quiet long distance cruiser, you can drive 300km and arrive as fresh as if you've popped to the shops, thanks to the powerful A/C.

Upgraded the headlamps from the factory fitted sealed beams to halogen bulbs and lights.

Good fuel efficiency for a big heavy car, yet feels under powered when overtaking due to the lack of a turbo.

The engine purrs like a happy cat when serviced with all filters replaced and filled with semi synthetic engine oil.

Loved to chew through alternator belts as the cooling fan viscus coupling was locked in a bid to cure the engine over heating.

Had better looks than most European luxury cars of the same age, even getting admiring glances by a 5 Series BMW driver once.

It was my budget Toyota Crown!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 16th January, 2009