1986 Toyota Carina II 1.6 GL Liftback 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Old faithful


Clutch replaced at 80,000 miles.

New radiator at 106,000 miles.

New alternator at 108,000 miles.

Cosmetic rust repairs needed to rear wheel arches twice. Sills were welded for MOT.

General Comments:

The most reliable car I have ever owned. It ran flawlessly in the seven years I owned it. The only really bugbear on this car was rust. I had real trouble trying to keep the rear wings free of rust and had to repair these panels twice. The sills needed welding so it could pass its MOT test in the last year I owned it.

A very easy car to drive with a light clutch action and fluid-feeling gear change. Power steering made maneuvering light work. Performance was distinctly average, as was the handling, and the ride was very hard and quite uncomfortable. Very economical on fuel though.

The Japanese-built Carina II had very high quality of build inside and out. Much better than the later UK-built Carina E in my opinion. It felt like a very safe car.

It had seating for five and a generously sized boot, although the rear-most seats were very cramped. We had to trade this car for something larger as my 13 year old son had outgrown the rear seats. It was a comfortable car for the driver though with supportive seats and a good driving position.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th August, 2004