1989 Toyota Carina II Break 1.6 Liter 16v from Belgium


Very reliable, maybe a bit boring if you're a mechanic


I replaced the ignition wiring at 180000 km.

I replaced the rear shocks at 200000 km.

I replaced the front part of the exhaust last year.

Recently I have a bad case of shimmy, but it's not caused by the tire balance, I suspect the brake parts.

General Comments:

For what I paid for it, I don't think I'll be able to find another car as reliable, safe to drive, easy to understand and simple to maintain as this.

Comparing to my 1977 Chevrolet Impala which always needs some work and a lot of attention (if it isn't the brakes it's the cooling system) the Toyota is far superior for mechanics and part design, but I think all Japanese cars are.

I wonder what my Impala would have looked like technically If it were designed by Toyota.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2003

15th Dec 2003, 07:48


Does anyone have a diagram/guide of how to change/fix (hand) brakes on this car (Toyota Carina II)?

Thanks in advance.


15th Dec 2004, 05:23

Toyota Carina II is presently my best car, when compared to other cars I have used. Today my Toyota will be 6 years old after i purchased it as second hand from the first hand user in Holland. The engine is still as good as new and the chasses is very strong, except for the shock absorbers and the brake pads which I change when ever they are bad.This car still remains the best in my life.The car is strong and is economical to operate,expecially in the tropical region of Africa.


Iweriebor Erere


14th Jan 2006, 23:37

I am driving a TOYOTA CARINA II which I bought as a used car when I was studying in the UK, and when it was time for returning to my country my son asked to me ship it home. This machine has proven to be more reliable than the TOYOTA IPSUM and the ISUZU we have in the family. Can someone out there help me with its manuals?

Jabulani Simelane


1989 Toyota Carina XL 1.6 gas from Denmark


Great value for a little money


The generator stopped generating enough power at about 270000km, and was replaced.

The clutch started slipping at 300000km, so it was changed.

The front suspension stabilizers are not very durable, but cheap to change.

Apart from this and normal maintenance, nothing has gone wrong with the car.

I have been in a couple of traffic accidents with it car, but I don't blame the car ;). That's actually what cost me most money.

The car is starting to rust badly now, but I didn't protect it so it's my own fault.

General Comments:

The car is very dependable and quite comfortable. And it's not looking particularly old even though it's 14 years now.

The engine is as powerful and silent as it was when I got the car 3 years and 100000 km ago. It doesn't consume any oil; I can go 10000 km without refilling.

The car can make 15 kilometers on a litre of gasoline if you treat the accelerator gently.

Minor repairs (brakes, exhauster, oil change and so on) are easy to do yourself on this car. The parts are not as expensive as people think.

I plan on keeping this car running for 2 years more. I think that in 2 years the rust will be so bad that the Danish Car Inspection won't approve ;)

I'm amazed by the car's durability and reliability. I've been using the car for deliveries, with MANY starts and stops. When other people with newer cars couldn't start or broke down, the Carina just kept going.

I can warmly recommend Toyota Carina II. It's great value for money.

Toyota forever!

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Review Date: 30th June, 2003

17th Nov 2003, 09:41

I also have a Toyota carina II. The problem I am having with the car is that the engine light is showing. This light is at the far left on the dash board. This means that something is wrong and I don't know what. Please help me.


24th Jul 2005, 04:27

I would just like to say that I still have this car. Now, it has done 396000 km, without major problems since I wrote the review. I have changed the water pump, but it was inexpensive and I did it myself. Mechanically it is perfect, but it is very rusty, and the front window is cracked. So now I am looking for a replacement. What replacement? Toyota Carina II, of course!