1992 Toyota Carina GLI EXECUTIVE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


An overlooked gem


The car has been very reliable indeed.

So far the only things I have had to had done are a new clutch and a new set of tyres.

General Comments:

Very high build quality. Just as well screwed together as a lexus, and with the engine from the MR2!.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2002

18th Mar 2003, 11:42

Why do so many people comment on the speed of the Carina. I own one with a 2 litre engine, and it is only quick over 3000 RPM. However, I wouldn't say it is remarkably fast, just OK.

30th Jun 2003, 06:06

I own a Carina myself, and I'd say: For the age and the price, the car is pretty quick. And one of the first "every man's" cars equipped with a 16 valve engine. But of course, its performance is nothing compared to todays cars.

2nd Nov 2005, 06:54

I have a 1992 Carina Toyota 2.0 it is superb!! I (aid to have a new clutch and brake pads, but apart from that, it is an absolute diamond!

Large to park though, but an star buy.

1992 Toyota Carina XLD 2.0 diesel from UK and Ireland


Bought another 2.0 TD, seems to be just as good, easy to drive


Clutch @ 150000.

Gearbox @ 200000.

Exhaust, on second!

Battery, on second!

Replaced front wheel bearings twice.

Still returning 50 mpg.

General Comments:

Run as a taxi for 6 years, still using for private use. Can't bear to part with it.

Unbelievably reliable.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2000

1992 Toyota Carina GLi Executive 2.0 16v twin cam injection pet from UK and Ireland


New front brake discs after 16k and new front exhaust pipe at 22k, both done under warranty.

General Comments:

Great car. This is my 5th Toyota since 1981. I bought this car in 1994 at 20 months old and it has been superb. It has been all over Britain and europe, passes its MOT first time every time. It's such a good car that although it's due for a change I can't find anything to change it for, todays equivalent (Avensis CDX) costs 18k approx.

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Review Date: 26th September, 1998

11th Feb 2002, 11:42

Great car, very good performance all round!

Not so good points: high back window, difficult to see out of when reversing.

Annoying wind vibration noise from the nearside dashboard area on windy days!

Would welcome idea's to quieten it.

18th Mar 2003, 11:47

The 2 litre engine is OK overall. The fuel consumption is very poor (I only manage 30 MPG), and to race at traffic lights would bring this all the way down to 15-20MPG. The tyres don't last very long. 20,000 miles for the front tyres, and they cost £100 each. The acceleration to tyre wear is very low relative to other cars.

However, there is no doubt that it is comfortable and very reliable -starts first time and few noises. I would therefore rate the car 7/10.

1992 Toyota Carina E Xli 1.6i petrol from UK and Ireland


Bought 2nd hand 1995. No memorable faults to date.

General Comments:

Performance only 6/10, as although straight line is very quick, bends are a problem and cause the car to progressively lurch & under-steer. This makes it a very safe car though as you're never tempted to take a bend too fast!

Good amount of passenger and luggage space.

Good corrosion resistance and solid transmission / engine, covered 60k, looks good for 150k+.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 1998

9th Mar 2004, 01:04

I have a Toyota Carina-E from 1993. I find the performance very good and here in Belgium the running costs are not high.

For the rest I agree.

Friendly greetings from Belgium.