7th Sep 2004, 12:19

An excellent car - I do about 60-70,000 per year for my work- 1.8 engine is fast enough, economical and tough. Service items such as brake pads, clutches and bushings last longer than most other makes, and I've had most.

25th Mar 2006, 05:50

Brilliant car.

19th Oct 2006, 09:11


I have just become an owner 0f a 1996 Carina GS Turbo Diesel. It was bought for £300, I HAVE COVERED 394 MILES ON £27 of diesel... hows that for economy, the car itself is immaculate hardly a scratch anywhere for such an older car it is amazing value. The Japanese know what they are doing when it comes to build quality, and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a reliable cheap car to consider any of the carina models.

The Magic Man.

24th May 2009, 16:07

Fantastic car. Smooth easy ride and amazingly economical 1.8 engine. One of the few cars that I fit into easily without my legs touching the steering wheel (I'm 6 foot 6).

24th Apr 2015, 07:19

There was a 97 Carina 2.0 diesel in Trim. Co.Meath with over 750,000 miles on it and still in service up to 3.5 years ago.

20th Nov 2015, 22:28

Some car alright, I've still got a 1.6 XLI in the shed, been off the road about 1 year now, but still a great car and going with 240,000 miles; pretty harmless miles for a Carina e I know, but mind you, some people are a bit shocked by it, ha ha.

It broke down once after 18 years with an alternator problem... that was it. Great responsive car and a sharp engine still in it...

That's pretty amazing alright about the Carina taxi in Dublin with 550,000 miles on it. I've seen one for sale with 426,000 miles, a 95 diesel in Cork... Now owning an 02 diesel Avensis, I'm pretty happy with it, but still feel the Carina e was slightly better. Any thoughts?