1975 Toyota Celica LT 1.6L 5spd from Australia and New Zealand


Nuke proof!


Battery replaced every 6 months due to driving style.

New Tyres every 6 months due to driving style.

Diff center replaced 2 times due to driving style.

General Comments:

Forget fool proof, forget bullet proof, this car will be around with the cockroaches long after were gone!

The engine was designed in 1967 it's unique 1600cc engine with Twin overhead valve shafts and center positioned spark plugs. Made this car competitive even today. The cars Bullet proof close ratio 5spd gearbox (The first mass produced 5spd) was it's real call to fame.

The light and nimble 940kg coupe with it's 115hp would launch of any lights and be at 100km/h in just over 7 sec. It's top speed being 215km/h.

It is easy to see where the Supra came from.

This car was sold in 1975 to a rally driver who then sold it in 1980 to let it rest after 5 years of rallying. In 1990 the car was sold again to a young man who flogged it to death...almost.

In 2000 it was sold to a man in a mid life crises, who was than forced to sell it to save his marriage. And so, that is how I became the owner of such an amazing little car.

Unfortunately the hand of the law came down on me and I was forced to sell the car in 2004.

I than made the mistake of selling it to a friend, who then tried to run from the law and got 7 years!

These cars are what you want if you don't know how to look after a car because you can't kill them!

I know, I tried for three years!!!

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Review Date: 8th July, 2005

13th Sep 2005, 18:17

I'm curious about the battery thing my self.

2nd Nov 2005, 13:07

I doubt your driving style had anything to do with the problem. Check you always turn off air-con, radio or any other interior appliance when you are not using the car and see if that works.

21st Nov 2005, 15:59

So did the suggestions work?

20th Dec 2005, 06:21

12/20/2005 Central China. In 1975 in Texas, I purchased the 1975 Celica GT. It was an amazing car. However, I purchased it and my almost x-wife came back, loved the car, but ruined the 5-speed transmission because she couldn't shift. It took two weeks to get a new trans under warranty. We took it and moved to Colorado to start our life over, but for the next three years, the transmission leaked fluid and the Colorado dealer could not fix it. The car, being very fast, got 14 miles to the gallon of gas. In 1978, it started missing on occasion. After several dealer tune-ups and no resolution, I sold it for what I had paid for it new. I paid $3900 and sold it for that in October 1978 to buy a new house. I replaced it with a 1978 Subaru. I loved the Toyota, but it is a myth to think any car is going to be perfect or nuke-proof. However, my mother-in-law purchased a new 1976 Celica and loved it, and let me have it to drive.